Snail Pictures by Suren Manvelyan

Here are some great snail pictures by photographer Suren Manvelyan, who was was born in Yerevan in 1976. He takes stunning photos of many things, but this post focuses on some macro photography of snails:

Snails: “Weather survivors”

Snail in rain Image

Snail in rain image 2

Snail in rain image 3

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More about Suren

Suren started to photograph when he was sixteen. He became professional photographer at 2006. Suren involved nearly in all fields of photography, especially in Macro, Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, etc. His photos were published in numerous magazines. Especially popular his series of close ups of human eyes called “Your beautiful eyes” which have millions views in Web and were published by Daily Mail, The Independent, Telegraph, La Reppublica, etc.

Snail Photos: Explorer of Lilac

Snail Pictures Lilac image

Snail Pictures image 2

Snail Pictures image 3

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“Driving Mom” Snail Pictures

Snail Picture image

Snail Picture image 2

Snail Picture image 3

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All these fantastic photos were taken by Suren Manvelyan (©). Please visit his his site for more of his great images.

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