Sketch Art by Irina Vinnik

Sketchbook artwork image

The following gallery of sketch art was created by Irina Vinnik, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After viewing her profile, I’ve become a big fan of her drawing and sketching skills. It takes much time and dedication to produce work like this, and there’s not much room for error when using line markers either.

Way back at University (I received my Degree over here in England), I used different ink pens in varied widths to create sketches and mock-up drawings for design projects. I can attest that precision is key, and that you really need to concentrate on getting the designs right. For this reason, I can really appreciate this work by Irina─please see the rest of the gallery below.

Sketch Art Notebook Gallery

Sketch Art drawing

sketching example

art sketchbook with pencils

art sketchbook with cup of tea

sketch books letter "A"

Sketch of tree

fine art sketchbook design

Sketch of letter "B"

Credits: All images shown in this post are Copyright © Irina Vinnik. Please check out her profile and website, for more fabulous work.

Amazing notebook sketch

I just love original work like this. As some of you may know, I’m a graphic designer who often sketches out ideas on paper. On my personal site, Andrew Kelsall Design, I have a few posts that showcase some of what I get up to. There’s the post Do You Use a MoleSkine Notebook and one of my illustrations, Crucifix Connect.

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