Skateboarding Art by Haroshi

Fire Hydrant

I think these wooden Skateboarding Art sculptures are simply stunning. All these works of art are by Tokyo-based artist Haroshi. They are made from skateboard deck, believe it or not. The way that the objects have been carved-out of stacked plywood is very unique—and check out the colours:

Moose Head Art

Moose Head 2

All these art pieces were made by sculptor Haroshi. His site explains:

Haroshi makes his art pieces recycling old used skateboards. His creations are born through styles such as wooden mosaic, dots, and pixels; where each element, either cut out in different shapes or kept in their original form, are connected in different styles, and shaven into the form of the final art piece. Haroshi became infatuated with skateboarding in his early teens, and is still a passionate skater at present. He knows thoroughly all the parts of the skateboard deck, such as the shape, concave, truck, and wheels… [more]

Here are more of his artistic works…

Wooden Foot

Wood Layers

Haroshi Hand

Hand made of wood

Top Image: Haroshi Fire Hydrant [link]. Following images: Haroshi Skateboarding Art of Moose Head and detail, Wooden Foot Skateboarding Art, Wood Layers close-up & Wooden Hand. [© link]

Wall pictures of Love

Apple made of Wood

Wooden Shoe

Wooden Shoes

Wooden Sneaker Sole

Above images: Wooden Shoe and Sneaker Sole. [© link]

You can see more Haroshi “Skateboarding Art” over on

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