Seed Faces

Would you believe it? These freaky little seed faces actually grow into plants! Apparently, all you need to do is plant these in soil with a little water. In just five days, you’ll have sprouting vines popping out of the face’s─ maybe through the eyes, nostrils or nose. I think they’re pretty cool anyway (available via Kelsey Pike).

Seed Faces lined up

Seed faces are recycled paper pulp forced into a doll face mold, then stuffed full of organic, heirloom eatin’ sprouting seeds! In this batch, you’ll get 25 seed faces, in a variety of natural skin tones. The faces vary in age and gender, including a baby and a child. To grow, simply soak in water for an hour or so, then place on top of soil, outside or in a pot. Within five days, you should have a little crop of sprouts to eat.

Contains an organic mix of Clover, Dill, China rose radish, Daikon radish, Oriental mustard, Arugula, Fenugreek, Broccoli, Pink kale, Red and Green Cabbage from MoonlightMicroFarm [read more].

Seed Faces in soil


Credits: All images used here are Copyright © Kelsey Pike ─ head over to her shop for purchases and more information (Not an affiliate link).

seeds in brown packets


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wearable plants image