Sculpture Art by Charlotte Hughes Martin

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Sculpture Art Coke Glass image

Amazing Sculpture Art

These stunning pieces of Sculpture Art were created by Charlotte Hughes Martin. She explains her work:

I have always been drawn to making Art and in particular 3D work. I remember being dragged around the National Gallery in London every year as a child. I remember my feet aching, the hushed tones we would have to use and the huge numbers of bizarrely dressed tourists goggling at the canvases on the walls.

I loved the sculpture but was usually bored when looking at paintings. My parents would try to instil in me some kind of reverence, but all I saw was dusty old paintings of people in curly white wigs. I was however obsessively impressed with the ornate carved gold frames in which they were presented […more]

Image above: Coke Glass and detail.

Sculpture Hats Image

Above: Glass Adhesive Hats and coloured bobbles.

Sculpture Ants image

Above: Magnifying Glass and Ants.

Bottles and Crystal String

Above: Glass and Crystal String.

Art Bottle

Above: Limoges Bottle Art.

Green Bottles image

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Above: 10 Green Bottles.

Glass Lobster

Above: Glass Lobster

Glass Lobster

Above: Glass Lobster detail.

Dodo Art Sculpture

Above: Art Sculpture of Dodo named “Postage Paid”.

Slinky Glass

Above: “Slinky Drinky”.

Bottle Art

Above: This photo is named “Brainbow Blow”.

All images are © copyright Charlotte Hughes Martin. See more of her wonderful Sculpture Art on her site.

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