Sponsored Video: Samsung Presents a Note to Santa!

This post has been kindly sponsored by Samsung Galaxy.

Recently, Samsung launched the ‘Premium Suite Upgrade’ for the very popular Galaxy Note 10.1. It has many new and advanced features, which includes better user learning ability, creativity and productivity. To show all these features [and more], a new video has been released to showcase this new software.

What’s the video all about? Well, basically a little girl delivers her Christmas wish to Santa with her father─aided by the Galaxy Note 10.1. They use the amazing and innovative features of this device and software, which include ‘Quick Command’ and ‘Easy Clip’. While all this is happening, Santa is busy in the North Pole with his Elves. They are in preparation to deliver Christmas presents across the globe, whilst using a Galaxy Note 10.1 to plan their journey!

Watch the Galaxy Note 10.1 Video below:


samsung image

Did you know? … The Premium  Suite Upgrade introduces enhanced multitasking, including  a range of new S Pen-optimised features, enhanced content creation and editing capabilities. It also brings an OS upgrade (Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean) to bring a much faster and enhanced user experience to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 users.

One of the main features introduced is Multi Window, which allows you to view multiple applications simultaneously, and move around and re-size them. Cascade View offers a view of multiple applications and Dual View allows two apps to be viewed side-by-side either vertically or horizontally [find out more here].

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