Chair Made From 80 Metres of Rope

Rope Chair

The Ropey Chair by Jon Fraser is made from 80 metres of rope soaked in polyurethane resin. It looks great; here are some sketches and further images:

Chair Sketches and Concepts

Rope Chair

Jon explains the chair concept:

Ropey Chair is a quirky take on the use of materials in the world around us. Differing from other fibre/resin composite furniture, Ropey Chair also retains the softness of the Sisal weave in the seating bucket. The result is a striking and comfortable combination.

Ropey chair is made from 80 metres of sisal rope soaked in polyurethane resin and cured into 20 unique profiles, which create a smoothly contoured surface [read more].

Ropey Chair visuals

Making the Chair

Ropey Chair being made

Ropey Chair 2

Ropey Chair image

All images above are copyright © Jon Fraser. Please visit his site, for more of his fantastic work and other images and explanation of this chair.

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