RGB Colorspace Atlas Shows Every Colour. Ever.

The RGB Colorspace Atlas was created by artist Tauba Auerbach of New York. This massive ‘book’ she has designed has every variation of RGB colour which can be printed. Co-designed by Daniel E. Kelm, this 8″ squared book is quite a sculpture piece. I think its great…

RGB Colorspace Atlas image 1

As a graphic designer myself, I have spent plenty of time working in and around the RGB ColorSpace in Photoshop and other programs. It’s really great to see all the colours printed into such a book, and I’m amazed at exactly how many colours there appears to be.

RGB Colorspace Atlas Gallery

colour book

open colour space book

Credits: All the images shown within this set our copyright © Tauba Auerbach. Discovered via Colossal.

open books exhibition

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