Retro USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

I’ve used my iPad in many ways before, but I’ve never used a retro-style ‘USB typewriter computer keyboard’ with it! But this is exactly what the online store USBtypewriter has brought to the market place. No doubt it would be a great conversational piece, and some retro fans may be into this kind of thing I suppose. It looks great, I must admit. Take a look at the rest of the photos…

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard image

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USB Typewriter keys

Description of product: This antique typewriter has been modified to work as a USB Keyboard for PC, Mac, or even iPad! That’s right — its a beautiful and fully functional computer keyboard! The USB Typewriter can type all letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. It also includes shift, space, and return carriage (which is literally activated by the typewriter’s return carriage!). Many non-standard keys, such as F1-F12, esc, ctrl, and so on are available with a special toggle key. The modification is very clean leaves the typewriter looking, feeling, and working like a regular typewriter. You can use it as your primary computer keyboard, or turn off your monitor altogether and type on paper while saving your work to disk [read more].

USB Typewriter and PC keyboard

Credits: All the images shown in this set are copyright © xx. Why not head over to their store for more of unique products (this is Not an affiliate link).

USB Typewriter with iPad screen


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