Retro iMac Light

Retro iMac Light image

I once had a light-up Apple logo (yeah, the retro coloured and striped version) up in my office. After seeing this iMac light, it pales in comparison. I have used one of these machines ‘back in the day’, but now, I think retro-fitting them with lights is the way to go…

Retro iMac Light image 2

Retro green iMac Light Image

Credits: Want to turn your old retro iMac into a green or multicoloured masterpiece? This article will give you some pointers.


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Cutting-Edge Audi OLED Car

I don’t feature cars that much here on Design Soak, but this car is well worth a mention. It’s not just because this Audi is a nice car, but because its lights are actually part of the bodywork. They are made of OLED technology, which means that any cool-looking light configuration is possible, and covers the entire length of the vehicle [watch the video].

Audi OLED Technology car lights