Resin Sculptures by Carl D’Alvia

Frog Sculpture

These resin sculptures are by Carl D’Alvia, who creates these fantastic works West Cornwall (CT) and New York City. He also uses paint, resin and even bronze to fashion his uniquely-styled works of art, like the frog sculpture above.

More Resin Sculptures:

Barboncino Sculpture

Above: “Barboncino” Sculpture

From the D’Alvia site:

D’Alvia works in a sculptural idiom that is decidedly hyper-visual, artisanal and history laden. He has developed proprietary sculptural processes that co-opt existing means of traditional and industrial production. Drawing on sources that include megalithic monuments, toy design and the Baroque, the work encapsulates seemingly antithetical motifs such as minimal/ornate, industrial/handmade, comic/tragic, progress/destruction and attraction/repulsion… [read more]

Bunny Family Sculpture

Above: “Bunny Family” Sculpture

Family Sculpture

Above: “Family” Sculpture

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Lapdog Sculpture

Above: “Lapdog” Sculpture

Robot Sculpture

Above: “Robot” Sculpture

Slab Sculpture

Above: “Slab” Sculpture

The Island Sculpture

Above: “The Island” Sculpture

Via booooooom / All Resin Sculptures images shown are copyright © Carl D’Alvia. Please check out for more fantastic works.

Like Sculptures?

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