Resin Deer Head Sculpture Art

Resin Deer Head in pink

These weirdly-unique “Faux deer/Stag taxidermy” wall mounts are trendy pieces of sculpture art. They were created by WhiteFauxTaxidermy, who sell these over on their online store. I really like the one above showing pink antlers with a white head, although I don’t think I’d have one on my wall lest it poke my eyes out! They look really cool, though. Check out the gold near the end of the post…

Resin Deer Head in black

White Resin Deer Head

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Blue Resin Deer Head

Golden Resin sculpture art

Credits: All images featured in this set are Copyright © WhiteFauxTaxidermy. See their store for more similar works and purchases (not an affiliate link).

Pink Resin sculpture art


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Resin Sculptures by Carl D’Alvia

These resin sculptures are by Carl D’Alvia, who creates these fantastic works West Cornwall (CT) and New York City. He also uses paint, resin and even bronze to fashion his uniquely-styled works of art, like the frog sculpture [READ MORE].

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