Repurposed Plastic Dinosaur Planters

Like plants on your desk? Er, do you you like Repurposed Plastic Dinosaurs on your desk as well? If so, I think you’ll love these quirky planters. They were all originally just multi-coloured dinosaurs. However, thanks to the unique repurposing techniques of Crazycouture, these hot-pink, dazzling-green and bright-red dino’s can conquer your workspace. See the rest of the gallery below…

Lime-green Dinosaur Planters

Repurposed Plastic Dinosaur Planters: Each is made from a repurposed plastic dinosaur toy ready to plant with whatever you would like! Each has been primed, painted twice and sealed [read more].

pink repurposed plastic dinosaur

red repurposed plastic dinosaur

purple repurposed plastic dinosaur

light blue repurposed plastic dinosaur

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hot-pink coloured dinosaur

pointed repurposed plastic dinosaur

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Dinosaur Planters

Above: Here’s how a collection of these dinosaurs would look on a desk. I think the whole concept is fun, inventive and is something I’ve never seen before. My favourite is the dazzling green velociraptor on the right of the photo. I’m not sure how well these dinos would do if the plants inside them overgrew, but I’m impressed!


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Dinosaur and Clock (HDR Image) – See the original post.

Dinosaur and Clock (HDR Image)