Refraction Art Water Droplet Photos

Refraction Art Water Droplet Earth image

These stunning examples of refraction art show water droplets with various backdrops. They were produced by German photographer, Markus Reugels, who took these photographs with a high-speed camera. Shots of Earth and Jupiter, along with the Spiderman and Superman logos have been photographed behind spheres of water drops taken with precision timing. Check ’em out…

Water Droplet Superman

Above: Water Droplet Superman.

Water Droplet World image

Above: Water Droplet Earth.

Refraction Art Spiderman

Above: Water Droplet Spiderman.

Refraction Art planet Jupiter

Above: Water Droplet Jupiter.

Refraction Art Wate Map

Above: Water Droplet Map.

Credits: All images in the set are copyright © Markus Reugels. Please see his amazing site for more of his photographic work.

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