Recycled Furniture by Benjamin Rollins

Spiked Table

This unique recycled furniture has been produced by Benjamin Rollins of BRC Designs. He makes furniture out of an abode of recycled materials including playing cards, old bicycle tires and even circuit boards. Above: Protrusion Table.

Playing Cards chair

Above: Deuces Wild Chair.

350 retired Las Vegas playing card decks make up this unique lounge chair. Available in Blue and Red playing cards [link].

Binary Chair

Above: Binary Chair.

Label Table

Above: Label Low Table recycled furniture.

Low Table

Above: “Impractically Comfortable Low Table”.

Binary Chair 2

Above: Wide Binary Chair.

Bicycle tire chair

Above: Chain Rocker Chair made from Bicycle tires and chains.

Blue Chair

Above: “Interweb Chair”.

Binary Table

Above: Binary Low Table.

Korobeiniki Chair

Above: Korobeiniki recycled furniture.

Benjamin Rollins explains his work:

I submerse myself for countless hours tinkering around in seemingly mundane environments: thrift stores, salvage yards and abandoned warehouses. It is in these environments where my imagination runs freely until that spontaneous moment an object triggers my creative synapses and sparks an idea – a process that I cannot force but rather on that  works itself out naturally.  Sometimes the objects I discover simply inspire an overall design idea and other times the objects actually become the raw material for the piece… [more].

All images are copyright © Benjamin Rollins of BRC Designs. Please check out BRC Designs for further details of his work.

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