Realistic Paintings of Super-Heros by Simon Monk

Stunning Realistic Painting by Simon Monk

These stunning oil & alkyd realistic paintings were produced by Simon Monk, an artist from the UK. Looking very similar to photographic work, these paintings are ultra-real and depict super-heroes in plastic bags. The project is entitled “Secret Identity”. Above: “Clark Kent” Superman painting.

Realistic Paintings from “Secret Identity”

realistic paintings of Spidemane

Above: “Peter Parker” Spiderman painting.

Dr. Donald Blake

Above: “Dr. Donald Blake” Thor painting.

Here’s a short bio for the talented Simon Monk: After graduating in Fine Art from Camberwell in 1989 I lectured in Art History at various colleges in and around London, as well as writing on art and architecture. Since returning to painting five years ago I have exhibited in open exhibitions such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Discerning Eye as well as various group shows and international art fairs. I have recently been selected to exhibit in East Wing Ten at the Courtauld Institute. I now work full time in my studio in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

My recent paintings of objects in bags initially arose from an interest in scale and representation; despite being depicted exactly life size, the subjects themselves present a dislocation of scale characteristic of toys and models, ranging from enlarged insects to radically miniaturised dinosaurs. The paintings themselves are on a domestic scale; they represent illusory objects on a fictional wall and are designed to inhabit a real wall in a domestic environment {read more of this on Simon’s website].

Dr. Bruce Banner Hulk image

Above: “Dr. Bruce Banner” Hulk painting.

Via Booooooom. Credits: All images shown above (and the image directly below) are copyright © Simon Monk. Please head over to his site for more of his work.

Steve Rogers realistic painting

Above: Steve Rogers

Oh, If you’re curious: What is Alkyd Painting?

Painting is a chore that is common in many different aspects of life. Whether you own your own home and are doing some things around the house or whether you paint as a hobby will all determine the type of paint that you will use. Each type of project has a different type of paint to use. One such type of paint is known as alkyd paint.

What exactly is alkyd paint you may ask? Alkyd paint is probably the most well known type of oil paint available on the market. The word alkyd actually refers to the synthetic resin used as a binder in the paint. This would be the oil in the paint, most commonly vegetable oil. Alkyd paints also come in a wide variety of finishes making it ideal for multiple different projects. Alkyd paint is very resistant to normal wear and tear… [read more of this article on].

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realistic painting of wall street

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