Real Toy Soldiers

This promotional ‘Real Toy Soldiers’ video was made by LE Collectible Toys.

real toy soldiers Image

The video shows life-sized toy soldiers that are positioned in various places in a major city (is it New York?). Anyway, it’s a great piece that promotes their brand really well. The video starts with the following statement: “To promote the brand, we scattered around the city real toy soldiers.” Enjoy…

Header text in green

Soldier shooting

Woman posing with soldier

Real-life soldier toy

Shooting toy soldier

Soldier Pose

real toy soldier taking aim

Real Toy Soldiers Video (Below)

real toy soldiers collectible toys logo

Image credits: Screen-shots taken from video above. Copyright © LE Collectible Toys. Found via @pitchandco

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2 thoughts on “Real Toy Soldiers”

  1. Ruben Nuñez

    These remind me of the San Francisco and Venice Beach “robot” street performers.

    I bet people gave them tips as well.

    These are another example of exceptional guerrilla marketing.

  2. Andrew Kelsall

    Ruben → Haha, I saw some similar performers down in London recently.

    Thanks for commenting…