Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar

These intricate 3D works were designed and visualised by Indian creative, Rahul Parihar. I’ve included two of his projects below, which both feature trees! Enjoy…

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A Slice of Life

fall autumn tree

blue tree

pink tree blossom in 3D

green 3D tree

multicoloured tree

An Autumn Sunset

orange tree

top of fall tree

swing on tree branch in 3D

woreframing in 3D

3D ocean

“Playing with Particle system settings in Blender 2.69”. See this project here.

Further Information // “Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Rahul Parihar. Please visit his portfolio for more fantastic work.

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