Quirky Watch Diary – Tell the Time While You Draw

This really funky Watch Diary has a circle caught out of every page. So, while you are writing your next novel or simply sketching away with random thoughts, you can always keep an eye on the time. Good concept? Well, yes, but I reckon this one will appeal to the kids more, but adults will find fun in the concept is well. Check out the images below

Watch Diary

The Watch Diary

From the sales page: If you like to organize your time properly, then you found the right notebook. The Notebook Watch Diary, consists of two things: a clock and a stack of papers. The cards have distinctive lines around the clock with the time to help you schedule your day properly!

drawing in diary

Credits: If you would like to purchase this watch diary ($30), please head over to The Fancy to purchase it (by the way, this is not an affiliate link).

A watch right in the centre of the diary

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