Quilled Paper Art by Lisa Nilsson

This wonderful Quilled Paper Art was created by American artist Lisa Nilsson for her Tissue Series. She uses sections of Japanese mulberry paper to make these stunning works of art. Each piece is housed in a wooden box to frame the work, which can take several weeks to complete. Enjoy the gallery…

Image of Profile of Head

Above: Profile of Head.

Female Torso

Above: Female Torso.

paper head

Above: Quilled Paper Art Head.

Profile of Body

Above: Profile of Body.

Paper Abdomen

Above: Profile of Abdomen.

Quilled Paper Art Thorax image

Quilled Paper Art Thorax.

Head II image

Head II.

Head and Torso

Above: Head and Torso.

Credits: All images in this set are Copyright © Lisa Nilsson. Please head over to her site to see some more of her unique works. Found via Colossal.

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Mechanical Paper Art by Jennifer Collier

This mechanical paper art was created by the talented Jennifer Collier, who not only creates these stunning pieces of art, but runs exhibitions and workshops, too. Here, I’ve shown some examples of here work that represent machines such as cameras and binoculars, but there are cups, saucers, dresses and ties over on Jennifer’s site as well. I really like the SLR Camera shown at the end of this post, as it’s made from green-toned maps [SEE MORE HERE].

paper art Typewriter image