The Psychotic Side of Twitter

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psychotic twitter bird

I just had to laugh when I first saw this. It’s quite a change from the sweet and tweetful Twitter bird that we all know and love.

Credits: This Illustration was created by Berkozturk [image Copyright ©]. Discovered via Dmitry Bykadorov.

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★ Twitter Cake

Check out these Twitter and “Fail Whale” Cakes. They were expertly made by Mariana Pugliese, who also makes cakes with themes such as Facebook, Angry Birds and even Spongebob Squarepants! The only problem is, they look too good to eat [SEE MORE].

Blue Bird Twitter Cake

★ Twitter Lego

Here are 5 great Twitter Lego photos to inspire you. After yesterdays Facebook inspiration post, I’m still on the social media bandwagon! These images combine 2 great pastimes many people love─Lego AND Twitter [SEE MORE].

Twitter lego image

★ Twitter Maps of USA That Will Amaze You

These amazing Twitter Maps below show a few cities in the USA. They were produced by self-professed “Geek of maps”, Eric Fischer. The orange dots are locations of Flickr pictures that have been uploaded. The blue dots are the locations of tweets on Twitter. White dots show a combination of both. The most interesting image is the whole of the USA above, but some individual cities prove interesting, too [SEE MORE].

Twitter Maps of USA

★ Twitter Clock

Funky Twitter Clock from Geekcook, which currently available… [READ MORE].

Twitter Clock

★ Unique Tweeting Seat

This unique Tweeting Seat is a concept by Chris McNicholl, a product designer from the University of Dundee, Scotland UK [SEE MORE].

★ Web and Social Media Sneakers

Check out these web and social media sneakers I recently discovered (well, “trainers” as known here in England). They’re just concepts, but wouldn’t it be great if these were actually produced? [READ MORE].

Twitter Sneakers image

★ Twitter Posters

Here are a set of twitter posters for you. Yes, they’re unsurprisingly dominated by the colour blue—and very imaginative [SEE MORE].

Retro Twitter poster

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