Playing Card Stacks

These amazing playing card stacks were built by Bryan Berg, who was introduced to card-stacking by his grandfather when he was just 8 years old. The free-standing card structures are based upon a grid system.

Stunningly, the playing card stacks can support 660 lbs per square foot. Bryan uses no tape, no glue, no folding, no bending — and no tricks.

Skoll World Forum

Above: Playing Card Stacks at the Skoll World Forum.

Berg has held the Guinness World Record for the Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards since 1992. Guinness World Records also created a new category to recognize Berg’s work in 2004, The World’s Largest House of Freestanding Playing Cards. Commissioned to break his own records on more than a dozen occasions, Berg continues to hold both records. Touring regularly, Berg has stacked cards across North America, Europe, and Asia. [more]

Earth day gift card city Vancouver Island

Above: Earth day gift card city, Vancouver Island.

Istanbul Cevahir 5th anniversary

Above: Istanbul Cevahir 5th anniversary playing cards stack.

Lexus Television Commercial

Above: Lexus Television Commercial in the USA 2008

Showtime Viral Video of Playing Cards

Above: Show-time Viral Video screen-shot of Playing Cards stack.

Mighty Deals Web Banner for Design Soak

Silverstar Casino 3rd Anniversary

Above: Silverstar Casino 3rd Anniversary.

Bravery Music Video Shot

Above: The Bravery Music Video with playing cards.

Venetian Macao Guinness World Record

Above: Venetian Macao Guinness World Record.

Venetian Macao Guinness World Record 2

Above: Bryan Berg building the Venetian Macao.

Guinness World Record 3

Above: Venetian Macaoplaying card stacks go down afterwards. What goes up, must come down.

All images are © copyright / Bryan Berg

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