Photos of Clouds and Storms by Sean R. Heavey

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Photo of Clouds

These magnificent photos of clouds and storms were taken by photographer Sean R. Heavey. He uses an iPad to aid him whilst hunting down storms to chase:

Photo of Clouds 2

Sean explains:

The world’s top storm chasers spend millions of pounds on the latest cutting-edge meteorological equipment – but electrician Sean Heavey gets amazing results using just a £6 download on his iPad.

The simple RadarScope app shows amateur snapper Sean, 35, exactly where huge weather formations are gathering force near his local town.

Then he jumps in his car and, with his iPad or iPhone on his lap, drives into the heart of dangerous and spectacular storms… [Read more]

Photo of Clouds 3

Photo of Clouds 4

Photo of Clouds 5

Photo of Clouds 6

Photo of Clouds 7

Photo of Clouds 8

Photo of Clouds 9

Photo of Clouds 11

Photo of Clouds 12

Photo of Clouds 13

Photo of Clouds 14

Photo of Clouds 15

Photo of Clouds 16

Photo of Clouds 17

Photo of Clouds 10

All images above are © copyright Sean R. Heavey. Please visit his site for more fantastic photographs and even buy prints // Quote extract and source via

Like Photography?

If you like photos of clouds, why not take a look at Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney, which features some great night-sky images.

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