Photographic Art by Levi van Veluw

Green Head Photography by Levi van Veluw

This unique photographic art was designed by multidisciplinary artist Levi van Veluw, who is currently based in Arnhem, Netherlands. This post showcases a collection of some of his work selected from different projects. He uses, in many cases, live models to create “living sculptures” which he photographs. I think the work is fantastic, and really pushes some boundaries of design. His work is et apart from many other creatives out there. Check out the rest of his work…

Photographic Art Gallery

Photographic Art Wooden head paint

Striped blue head

Hair over face

Tree head

Head on wall

Black hair over face

Credits: All photographic art images above (and the one below) are Copyright © Levi van Veluw. Please check out his site for more inspiring work.

Blocks on Head fugure

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Pirate Ship in Woods

External link from – What is Photographic Art?

It is very common to come across the terms “Photographic Art” and “Fine Art Photography” in reference to the work of renowned photographers who have created an individual style of photography that is popular and attractive. But what really turns a simple photograph into a piece of art? There have been many debates on this topic and the terms “Photographic Art” and “Fine Art Photography” have had many definitions but they remain poorly defined and difficult to categorise.

Photographers often like to describe their work as “art” and without doubt some of the work of photographers such as Tim Flach is truly beautiful, creative and entertaining. But to be considered art a piece must also engage the viewers mind as well as their eye – a piece must be thought provoking and continue to generate discussions and opinions over time. Many beautiful images hanging on walls now will, unfortunately, not hold the viewer’s interest for more than a couple of years. Whereas true art continues to be a talking point for years to come [read more on this over at Stylecube].