Remarkable Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid

axe Illustration

This wonderful collection of images are various illustrations for ‘personal projects, commission, and art shows’, by talented Character Designer and illustrator Clint Reid. Using simple utensils such as fine-line ink pens and watercolors, he creates very simple yet unique and quirky little illustrations on heavily-textured papers. In this particular collection of drawings, entitled Pen & Watercolor III, Clint has drawn little masterpieces that are all based on good ideas and interesting concepts, with some having typographic work forming part of the artwork. My favorite piece from this set is the one that is of a belt, showing ‘hold tight’ (see further down the post). What’s yours?

Gallery // Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid

Watercolor flower

Watercolor scissors

Heart Illustration

Watercolor hearts

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typographic Illustration

Bird Illustration

Weord Beard Illustration

Watercolor Illustration of belt

Watercolor Illustration of man

Watercolor Illustration of Skull

More about Clint Clint Reid:

My name is Clint. I live in Oklahoma. I’m a designer, an illustrator, a coffee drinker, a bicycle rider, an over-analyzer, a beard grower, a music lover, a worrier, a lister-of-things. I draw under the alias “Tillman Project.” Do stuff, make stuff!

Further Information // “Remarkable Pen & Watercolor Illustrations by Clint Reid” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Clint Reid (Creative Commons). You can see more of their work over on his profile.

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