Paper Cutting Art by Mikito Ozeki [VIDEO]

Creative Mikito Ozeki gets to work creating paper cutting art with a large sheet of black card—with stunning results. Watch as he cuts out shapes with seemingly, no guide lines to aid his paper art. He certainly is a talenty guy. See the video after the screenshots below…

Paper Cutting art by Mikito Ozeki image 1

cutting paper

Cutting black paper

Scalpel blade

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Paper Cutting with scalpel

Paper Cutting art with large paper

Holding paper art

Mikito Ozeki holding his paper-cut artwork

Watch the Video: Paper Cutting Art by Mikito Ozeki

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Mikito Ozeki / Cut Out from mikitoozeki on Vimeo. Credits: All the images shown within this set are taken from the video and Copyright © Mikitoozeki.

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