Atype Paper Art by Lobulo Design

If you’ve been following this blog for any length if time, I’m sure you’ll know that I love paper art. So much so, I even have a whole site dedicated to it aptly named Paper Art Love! Here’s a set of fantastic letter “A’s” from a project entitled Atype by Lobulo Design. See the animation Gif below and then the rest. Enjoy…

A letter animation

Purple Letter

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rainbow letter

green letter

triangles in letter

coloured letter

paper letter

Atype Paper Art by Lobulo Design >> Regarding this project >>“Whatever you want to do, it’s possible in paper”Atype project born to show the different ways to transform a simple flat letter in a 3D tactile model. I will teach how to make these 3D models on my next workshop called “Make it Bigger”. But, if you are faraway to attend it, don’t worry, I have good news! Atype will be open for submissions after the workshop. I will upload the template base in case you want to develop your own Atype, so: Stay tuned!
You can see the original set of images for this set over at Lobulo Design.

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