Mechanical Paper Art by Jennifer Collier

paper art Typewriter image

This mechanical paper art was created by the talented Jennifer Collier, who not only creates these stunning pieces of art, but runs exhibitions and workshops, too. Here, I’ve shown some examples of here work that represent machines such as cameras and binoculars, but there are cups, saucers, dresses and ties over on Jennifer’s site as well. I really like the SLR Camera shown at the end of this post, as it’s made from green-toned maps. Enjoy the rest…

Paper Typewriter

Paper typewriter

Paper Art Telephone

Jennifer explains:

All my work are unique one-off pieces, available in a varierty of different recycled papers, however work can be made to order with your own choice of ephemera. Please contact me to discuss your requirements for personal commissions [read more].

Paper Telephone

Paper Sewing Machine

Paper Sewing Machine image

Stitched-Paper Binoculars

Paper Binoculars

SLR Camera made from Postcards

Postcard SLR Camera image

Roliflex Camera made from Paper

Roliflex paper Camera

Papier Mâché Styled ‘Singer’ Sewing Machine

Paper Singer Sewing Machine

Paper Super 8 Camera

Paper Super 8 Camera

Paper Art SLR Camera made from Maps

paper Map SLR Camera

Credits: All images are copyright © Jennifer Collier. Please check out her site for more amazing work.

★★★★★ For More Paper Art, take a peek at Paper Art by Jen Stark.