Paintings of Houses by Amy Casey

Paintings of Houses

These unique paintings of houses were created by Amy Casey, who resides in Cleveland, Ohio USA. The ways in which the buildings are intertwined with sticks, stilts and web-like features is pretty fascinating:


Amy starts to describe her work:

After any pendulum swing of chaos grinds to a slow halt, there will come a time when you will have to decide if you are going to wallow in the rubble or take what remains and create a new empire.

Building upon recent work, I have been in search of a solid ground. A bit less kinetic than past work/ I have been trying to take what I had left of the world in my paintings and create a stability of sorts… [read more]

between cities

spiderweb houses

grey painting

hanging houses

house fire painting

houses in pattern

house on stilts

grey city

All the images displayed in the post are copyright © Amy Casey. I recommend you head over to her site,  // For more great painting works. You can see her résumé, too.

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