Curled Waves of Painted Flowers by Joris Kuipers

painted flowers exhibition

I don’t really know what these are ‘supposed to be’, however, they sort of look like painted flowers! Maybe they’re clouds of some form or abstract formations, which are drenched in vibrant acrylic paint colours. In any case, I think this installation is a pretty clever idea, with all the flower formations being suspended from the installation ceiling.

Gallery: Painted Flowers by Joris Kuipers

Cloud flowers

These were created by Dutch artist Joris Kuipers, who had spent years studying traditional painting techniques in the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningenin (in the Netherlands). He creates over installations in various settings and places, which utilise paintings that are suspended in 3-D settings. You could say that his work is often times a combination of fine art and sculpture.

Curly flowers

flower tumling

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curling flowers

painted flowers on white background

colorful painted flowers

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