Photos of Clouds and Storms by Sean R. Heavey

Photo of Clouds

These magnificent photos of clouds and storms were taken by photographer Sean R. Heavey. He uses an iPad to aid him whilst hunting down storms to chase:

Photo of Clouds 2

Sean explains:

The world’s top storm chasers spend millions of pounds on the latest cutting-edge meteorological equipment – but electrician Sean Heavey gets amazing results using just a £6 download on his iPad.

The simple RadarScope app shows amateur snapper Sean, 35, exactly where huge weather formations are gathering force near his local town.

Then he jumps in his car and, with his iPad or iPhone on his lap, drives into the heart of dangerous and spectacular storms… [Read more]

Photo of Clouds 3

Photo of Clouds 4

Photo of Clouds 5

Photo of Clouds 6

Photo of Clouds 7

Photo of Clouds 8

Photo of Clouds 9

Photo of Clouds 11

Photo of Clouds 12

Photo of Clouds 13

Photo of Clouds 14

Photo of Clouds 15

Photo of Clouds 16

Photo of Clouds 17

Photo of Clouds 10

All images above are © copyright Sean R. Heavey. Please visit his site for more fantastic photographs and even buy prints // Quote extract and source via

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15 Creative Washbasins to Freshen Your Senses

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Creative Washbasins

Here are 15 Creative Washbasins to Freshen Your Senses. From cork, wood, ceramics and sheet metal, there appears to be no limit on what sink and washbasin designs are available:

Blue washbasin

Above: ‘River Washbasin’ in washroom [link].

Eco-Friendly Washbasin

Above: Eco-Friendly Washbasin by Phil Rose Bu [via].

Spiral Wash Basin

Above: Ammonite Wash Basin [link].

Aquarium Washbasin

Above: Moody Aquarium Washbasin [link].

Wooden sink

Above: Wooden Worktop Kitchen Sink [link].

Cream Washbasin

Above: Unique Cream ‘Contour Effect’ Washbasin [link].

Cork Wash Basin

Above: Cork Wash Basins [link].

Striped Basin

Above: Striped Kitchen Wash Basin [link]

Wooden Sink

Above: Sink make from Wood [link].

Slide Washbasin

Above: Creative Abisko Washbasin [link].

Stone Sink

Above: Stone-Stepped Sink [via].

White Washbasin

Above: Ocean Wave Washbasin [let me know where these are sold so I can attribute credit].

Waterfall Washbasin

Above: White Waterfall Washbasin [via].

Sheet metal Washbasin

Above: ‘Iris Washbasin Concept’ made from Sheet Metal [link].

Lemon bathroom sink

Above: Cenk Kara Lemon bathroom sink [via].

All images copyright © belong to respective holders. More information via Link & Via under each image.

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Alluring Aerosol Paint Art Works by INO

This spectacular aerosol art by INO caught my attention. Back in Uni, I once studied graffiti art for a project, and it certainly is an acquired skill!

fractured face on wall art

two hands holding - paint art

hand garffiti

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mans head on side of building

Aerosol Paint Work face graffiti

black and white Aerosol Paint Work

Further Information // “Alluring Aerosol Paint Art Works by INO” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright INO (Creative Commons).

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Resin Sculptures by Carl D’Alvia

Frog Sculpture

These resin sculptures are by Carl D’Alvia, who creates these fantastic works West Cornwall (CT) and New York City. He also uses paint, resin and even bronze to fashion his uniquely-styled works of art, like the frog sculpture above.

More Resin Sculptures:

Barboncino Sculpture

Above: “Barboncino” Sculpture

From the D’Alvia site:

D’Alvia works in a sculptural idiom that is decidedly hyper-visual, artisanal and history laden. He has developed proprietary sculptural processes that co-opt existing means of traditional and industrial production. Drawing on sources that include megalithic monuments, toy design and the Baroque, the work encapsulates seemingly antithetical motifs such as minimal/ornate, industrial/handmade, comic/tragic, progress/destruction and attraction/repulsion… [read more]

Bunny Family Sculpture

Above: “Bunny Family” Sculpture

Family Sculpture

Above: “Family” Sculpture

Lapdog Sculpture

Above: “Lapdog” Sculpture

Robot Sculpture

Above: “Robot” Sculpture

Slab Sculpture

Above: “Slab” Sculpture

The Island Sculpture

Above: “The Island” Sculpture

Via booooooom / All Resin Sculptures images shown are copyright © Carl D’Alvia. Please check out for more fantastic works.

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Felt Art by Lauren O. Venell

sliced bacon

This felt art by Lauren O. Venell uses fleece, felt, thread, stuffing and wool yarn. The work was commissioned by the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) for an exhibition they were holding. This exhibition, named “DIY: a Revolution in Handicrafts” was originally set up at an “EAT Space”. Their unique installation includes four large soft sculpture meats to be hung from the ceiling behind a deli case, amongst other things.


You’d normally associate materials like felt and stuffing to be used in teddy bears—this is what has captivated me most with this felt art style work. This whole exhibition turns ‘everything on its head’. Near the end of this post, check out the menu items. I think you’ll be surprised at the interesting facts about meat on there…

bottom me attrays

From Lauren’s site:

This project exposes the true cost of factory farmed meat through the price tags on each tray. The price of each pork and beef product includes both the average supermarket price per pound, plus the cost to taxpayers in public health, environmental damage and government subsidies. These costs were calculated from data found in various government, industry and scientific reports, and are broken out in the “Today’s Specials” menu board… [read more]

installation wide


sliced ham

todays specials menu

top me at trays

price tag close

window left

steak tray

All images shown in the post are copyright © Lauren O. Venell. Please go and check her other fantastic works at

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