Resin Sculptures by Carl D’Alvia

Frog Sculpture

These resin sculptures are by Carl D’Alvia, who creates these fantastic works West Cornwall (CT) and New York City. He also uses paint, resin and even bronze to fashion his uniquely-styled works of art, like the frog sculpture above.

More Resin Sculptures:

Barboncino Sculpture

Above: “Barboncino” Sculpture

From the D’Alvia site:

D’Alvia works in a sculptural idiom that is decidedly hyper-visual, artisanal and history laden. He has developed proprietary sculptural processes that co-opt existing means of traditional and industrial production. Drawing on sources that include megalithic monuments, toy design and the Baroque, the work encapsulates seemingly antithetical motifs such as minimal/ornate, industrial/handmade, comic/tragic, progress/destruction and attraction/repulsion… [read more]

Bunny Family Sculpture

Above: “Bunny Family” Sculpture

Family Sculpture

Above: “Family” Sculpture

Lapdog Sculpture

Above: “Lapdog” Sculpture

Robot Sculpture

Above: “Robot” Sculpture

Slab Sculpture

Above: “Slab” Sculpture

The Island Sculpture

Above: “The Island” Sculpture

Via booooooom / All Resin Sculptures images shown are copyright © Carl D’Alvia. Please check out for more fantastic works.

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If you enjoyed these resin sculptures, then I highly recommend the Design Soak article about the work of  Character Designer Jason Freeny.

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Felt Art by Lauren O. Venell

sliced bacon

This felt art by Lauren O. Venell uses fleece, felt, thread, stuffing and wool yarn. The work was commissioned by the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) for an exhibition they were holding. This exhibition, named “DIY: a Revolution in Handicrafts” was originally set up at an “EAT Space”. Their unique installation includes four large soft sculpture meats to be hung from the ceiling behind a deli case, amongst other things.


You’d normally associate materials like felt and stuffing to be used in teddy bears—this is what has captivated me most with this felt art style work. This whole exhibition turns ‘everything on its head’. Near the end of this post, check out the menu items. I think you’ll be surprised at the interesting facts about meat on there…

bottom me attrays

From Lauren’s site:

This project exposes the true cost of factory farmed meat through the price tags on each tray. The price of each pork and beef product includes both the average supermarket price per pound, plus the cost to taxpayers in public health, environmental damage and government subsidies. These costs were calculated from data found in various government, industry and scientific reports, and are broken out in the “Today’s Specials” menu board… [read more]

installation wide


sliced ham

todays specials menu

top me at trays

price tag close

window left

steak tray

All images shown in the post are copyright © Lauren O. Venell. Please go and check her other fantastic works at

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Stunningly-Creative Pasta Packaging by Nikita

Pasta packing concept showing 3 boxes

Can you remember when Design Soak featured the New York City Spaghetti packaging? Well, here’s another wonderfully simple idea for Pasta Boxes, which have cutouts to show off some pasta hair. Love it!

Box of pasta with hair cutout

large hair pasta concept

Pasta packing concept showing long hair

Pasta packing concept on shelves

Further Information // “Stunningly-Creative Pasta Pasta Packaging by Nikita” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Nikita (Creative Commons). You can see more of their work over here.

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Realistic Paintings by Janet Ternoff

realistic painting of wall street

These realistic paintings were produced by talented Janet Ternoff. She is a self-taught artist living and working in New York, who creates cityscapes in oil paints. The majority of her work are scenes from New York City:

bridge caffe

gawanus painting

Janet’s site reads:

Something that I love so much about your pieces is how they take you directly to a place or a time. I’ve lived in New York my whole life (until recently) and feel that I know every one of your paintings. It’s as if that place is a memory pulled right out of my life. I love when you can look at a painting and feel right at home. It takes unfathomable talent to make that magic and I can never help reaching out to an artist on those rare occasions!  [read more].


amtrak painting

painting of pool table

railroad artwork

realistic painting of stairs

seaport painting

times square at night

Credits: All images displayed here are copyright © Janet Ternoff. Please head over to her site for more fantastic realistic paintings, some of which are for sale.

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Web and Social Media Sneakers

Twitter Sneakers image

Check out these web and social media sneakers I recently discovered (well, “trainers” as known here in England). They’re just concepts, but wouldn’t it be great if these were actually produced? Above: Twitter Sneakers [link].

Google Sneakers image

Above: Google Sneakers [link]

Facebook Sneakers

Above: Facebook Social Media Sneakers [© link]

Firefox Sneakers

Above: Firefox® Sneakers

Light blue Twitter Sneakers

Above: Light-blue Twitter Sneakers [© link].

All images are © copyright their respective holders.

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Lightsaber Chopsticks For Chinese Star-Wasabi!

Eat your Chinese “star-wasabi” with these detailed and quirky lightsaber chopsticks! They’re available for a variety of Starwars characters including Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu and Darth Maul (shown below)…

Red Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber chopsticks Darth Maul image 1

Lightsaber chopsticks 2

Lightsaber chopsticks 3

Blue Luke Skywalker Chopsticks

Light saber chopsticks Luke Skywalker image

Purple Mace Windu Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks mace windu image

Green Yoda Chopsticks

Light saber chopsticks Yoda image

Credits: Images source/copyrights [and to purchase these chopstick] – Geekstuff4u.

★ More Starwars here on Design Soak Magazine ★

Star Wars Blueprints

These mock Star Wars Blueprints show the various functions of Star Wars ships and AT-ATs. Take a look at the details, including the manufacturers (my favourite is “BlasTech Industries”) and the armament sections [ SEE MORE ].

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DEAL: 500+ Hi-Res Photos & Textures from DreamyPixel

Hi-Res Photos Textures from DreamyPixel

Dreaming of some breathtaking photographs for your latest project? Or some stellar textures to add some depth to your work? Then stop dreaming and start saving! With this Mighty Deal from DreamyPixel, you’ll get yourself more than 500 high-quality, professional photos and textures. Delivered in jpg format, these incredibly hi-res photos cover a variety of categories from mountains to autumn to sunrises. And if you act fast, you can save a solid 50% off the regular price!


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Starwars of the Victorian Era

jabba the hut

Starwars of the Victorian Era. Who doesn’t like Starwars? Well, to satisfy most of us, here are some amazing digital paintings of four infamous characters. They have been spruced up in Victorian attire by talented illustrator and animator, Greg Peltz. I recently went to see the new Star Wars film with my son at the IMAX near where I live, and I must say, it was great to see C3-P0 and R2D2 on a huge screen again! (Illustration above: Victorian Starwars Jabba the Hut).

Above: Victorian Starwars C3P-O

Starwars Boba-Fett

Above: Victorian Starwars Boba-Fett

Starwars Chewbacca

Above: Starwars Chewbacca

Further Details

For more information, as well as more of these Starwars illustrations, please head-over to the Greg Peltz blog. All images © copyright Greg Peltz / via antilogic.

If you like these illustrations, you may also like to see Cycles and Seasons Calendar.

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star wars inspiration - post header image

Is this the most ultimate StarWars inspiration post ever? It just maybe! From craftily sculptured Darth heads and stunning illustrative examples—to humorous StarWars comics and satire—this inspiration article should give you much viewing pleasure. May DesignSoak be with you…

Storm Trooper Illustration

Storm Trooper Illustration image

Captain America Trooper

Captain America Trooper image

The Amazing Human Yoda

Human Yoda image

Star Wars Bathroom Tile Mosaic

Star Wars Bathroom Tile Mosaic image

In a bathroom far far away, this unique Star Wars bathroom tile mosaic adorns the wall. Designed by Jagoda Architecture, this themed shower wall shows C3-PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca seemingly stood on coloured platforms.

C3-PO Bathroom tiles

Credits: Found via Peety Goring from Technabob. Design by Jagoda Architecture. See the rest here.

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5 Fantastic Artworks by Federico Uribe

Here are 5 stunning pieces of artwork by Federico Uribe. As can be seen, the artworks are made from everyday objects, such as jigsaw pieces, pencils and coins. I can remember back in the days of art class, where there wasn’t a computer in sight. All we had to work with were pencils, coloured pastels, vaious paints, and of course – pencils! The ends of these were either thrown away or simply put back into the art trays. No-one ever used used them, so it’s good to see an artist like Uribe find such a fantastic use for the old pencil-ends and suchlike…

Federico Uribe

Gallery // Fantastic Artworks by Federico Uribe

Federico Uribe 2

♥ SEE ALSO: Sketch Art by Irina Vinnik.

Federico Uribe 3

Federico Uribe 4

Federico Uribe 5

Credits: All images © copyright Federico Uribe .For more works by Federico, please visit his site:


Related post here on Design Soak


Pencil Art

These funky pencil art photos were produced by Bisy Backson, a creative from Amsterdam. I love original work such as this, and its good to escape the amount of digital and Photoshop work out there [SEE THE REST OF THE SET HERE].

Pencil Art image

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5 Fantastic Artworks by Federico Uribe – Made from Everyday Objects!

Learn More about the Coloured Pencil on Wikipedia:

A colored pencil, coloured pencil r pencil crayon is an art medium constructed of a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden cylindrical case. Unlike graphite and charcoal pencils, colored pencils’ cores are wax- or oil-based and contain varying proportions of pigments, additives, and binding agents. Water-soluble (watercolor) pencils and pastel pencils are also manufactured as well as colored leads for mechanical pencils [more].

See Also: Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod.

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