Free Filter Forge Patterns: A Dream or Reality?

This article is about patterns: very useful tools for a web design or simply for any type of digital art, including Photoshop and wonderful 3D. A pattern (especially a quality one) can answer a lot of questions:

– do you need a background?
– do you need a texture for a book or a wall?
– do you need a new tablecloth?
– do you like to… whatever?

You need good, quality, high-res patterns! Absolutely for free. Yes, it’s the next Filter Forge freepack – 7 absolutely free patterns, which you can adjust and get a lot more than 7!

In this bundle you will find 7 patterns: Circle pattern, Dogs, Escher Cube, Pins, Sequins, Sixties Swirl, Tartan, Waves and Wrapping paper. Each of these patterns has a Settings tab (where you can adjust the colors of the background and main items of the pattern, the number of repeats, the degree of chaos in your pattern) providing a great variety of patterns absolutely for free.

You can download this freepack on the Filter Forge website: there are versions for Windows and Mac.

To install it, follow the instructions:

1. Run ‘Filter Forge Freepack 6 Setup’ file.
2. Install the plugin following the instructions of the installer.
3. Now you can use the Filter Forge Patterns Freepack – open Photoshop and select Filters -> Filter Forge -> Filter Forge Freepack 6 – Frames.

Now you can play with the Patterns Freepack as long as you like.

On this picture you can see how you can adjust a pattern (e.g. Wrapping Paper):

This is my Twitter account. I like to change backgrounds and here’s my new one:

Have fun with Filter Forge Freepacks and don’t forget to join our Facebook page: here you can find a lot of useful links, contests, latest news about upgrades and special offers, and also you can post your artworks on our wall.

PS. There is a 55% summer discount now on all the versions of Filter Forge on the site.

Epic Woodland Fairytale Bed

So, you’ll come back from work after a long 12 hour shift and a few hours later you’ll need to go to bed. You want to relax and need to whisk yourself away into a fairytale land. The solution? An epic woodland fairytale bed! Yes, for just over, wait for it, a whopping $10,000 from Lumme Designs, you can sleep in the midst of laser-cut trees! I’m a little unsure as to having some kind of ram’s head on my wall, but I think the rest is pretty cool. Check it out…

Woodland Fairy Tale Bed image

From the Lumme Designs store: This is a Modern Luxury Woodland style Bed, and is handmade to your needs: single, queen, king size etc. Bed posts are Laser or CNC cut to apple tree shape. Wood choices are Birch, Ash and Mahogany. Hand sanded and finished with white translucent wax with Dovetail joints, brass hardware attachments for easy and durable bed post assembly (sold without mattress).

Image of fairy tale bed

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This image shows the bed with trees overhead

Credits: All images used within this set are copyright © Lumme Designs. Please head over to their store if you would like to take a further look at this bed and maybe even make a purchase (by the way, this is Not an affiliate post).

Image of fairy tale bed will talk with moody lighting and rug

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Top Treehouse Designs to Heighten Your Senses

These top 10 treehouse designs show the imagination of their builders. Ever since I built my own as a child, I’ve been fascinated with them. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have also designed treehouses for their kids! The following images show these creative constructions from all over the world. They are for both kids and [READ MORE HERE].

top treehouses

A Showcase of Creative, Unconventional Product Packaging Designs

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The design of a product is complimented enormously by the design of the packaging it comes in. This is something that Apple, who value design more than any of their rivals, appreciate – and it explains the huge number of “unboxing” videos that appear with each new MacBook, iPad and iPhone launch. But it’s not just the high tech companies that appreciate the art of presenting the product well. Product packaging design has become a highly prized artform over the years, helping to draw attention to new products and helping others to stand out on the shelves.

There are few limitations when it comes to product packaging design. A design that stands out and is both remarkable and memorable can be the difference between a product that gets sold and a product that sits on the shelf gathering dust – so creativity and ingenuity are highly prized. We’ve brought together a collection of beautifully designed, creative & unusual product packaging designs. Some are for genuine commercial products, others are student designs and concepts – but all of them have that spark of creativity that makes them stand out from the rest. We hope you find them a useful source of inspiration for your next project.



Steampunk Playing Cards

Playing cards image

Nike Stadium Shoebox

Nike shoebox

Elastic Band Boxes

Boxers Full of elastic bands

Barbiturik Skate Laces

Skateboarding laces

Note Earphones

Unusual earphones packaging



Pop-Up Popcorn

Unusual popcorn packaging design

Champion Papers Packaging

Paper packaging

Samurai Vodka

Vodka bottle

Prism Eyewear

Eyewear packaging

Nusa Soup

Soup packaging

Artgraf Pencils

Pencils design

Conto Figueira Shirts

Shirts image

Lega-Lega T-Shirts

T-shirt designs

Have you found any examples of products with beautifully designed, creative packaging? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

6 Geeky Poster Prints By Wallaroo

These geeky poster prints would look good on office walls and anywhere, er, geeky! I especially like the poster with ones and zeros, which means “I love you” (the final image shown)….

2012 Calendar for Computer Geeks – Hexadecimal numbers

Calendar for Computer Geeks image

If you love technology, you can’t pass on this calendar. It was designed using HEX numbers instead of the decimal notation. All computer geeks (especially those who work in/studied this field may remember trying to memorize the different values in your initial computer classes. Much like binary, Hexadecimal was yet another challenge to conquer)

Inspirational Art Print – Whatever you do, Be You

The great blue and green poster design

This print reads ‘ Whatever you do, be you’. It serves as a reminder to always be authentic and staying true to your personality.

Digital Typography Print – I love you more now than Ever

This poster design says I love you with a green background

“I love you more now than ever” is a cute digital print for your special someone. This print has a textured background which is available in other colors as well. This print would make a great anniversary gift as it is a reminder than when you love someone, that love continues to grow throughout the relationship despite disagreements or struggles.

Love Art Print – One Two Three Love

Red and white poster design

This print reads “One, Two, Three, Love”. It makes for a great wall art piece for you bedroom, living room, hallway or nursery room. It is meant to remind you how important it is to love.

Binary Poster Print – I Love You in Red and Black

A poster with lots of ones and zeros

Say it with binary code and say it in poster size. This prints reads: I love you which has been translated to computer code. Ones and zeros all the way.

Credits: All the images used within this set are copyright The Wallaroo. Please head over to their online store for more great poster designs.

Funny Art Print – Save the Earth Gray and Pink

Save the earth poster, which features chocolate

If you are looking for a funny print to decorate your room or to give as a gift, this is a great option. This print reads “Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate”. It is a reminder to care for our planet and with a funny twist to it that should appeal to all chocolate lovers.

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Victorian Graphic Design Posters

I found these Victorian graphic design posters and leaflet collection via Attitude Design. I think it’s great to look back upon design ‘before Photoshop’ and see how different and varied advertising was back then [READ MORE].

Victorian Graphic Designs

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