Keep Drawing

“Keep Drawing” is a video by Studio Shelter. The short movie has a nice little soundtrack, with the whole concept based around drawing and sketches. It starts off with a few simple sketches then transforms and animates into more complicated ones. Please take a look at the short video after the screenshots below.

keep drawing image

Running sketch

Pencil Sketch

Watch the Video Below

[Can’t see the video if you’re viewing this post via RSS? Then click here to watch]

Keep Drawing from studio shelter on Vimeo. Made by Studio Shelter. Director : Ha Juan. Animation : Ha Juan / Lee Sunghwan. Rotoscope : Ha Juan / Park Taejoon / Yang Jungwoo / Lee Sunghwan. Kim Young seok / Han Jihea / Yang Minji / Kim Daiho

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Ink Bubble Drawing by Roland Flexner

Take a look at these ink bubble drawings by Roland Flexner, who was born in Nice, France. He now lives in New York City and exhibits his work, which includes these sensational drawings [ SEE MORE ].

Ink Bubble 2

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Plastastic Lego Cufflinks

lego cufflinks image

These funky Lego themed cufflinks are from an shop aptly named… Cufflinks! I think these are great, and so original too. They’d be good for kids to wear with their tiny suits, but I suppose some hardcore, grownup adult Lego fans would also wear them too. The classic space-Lego (that features at the end of this post) takes me way back to when I was seven years old. These cufflinks are great stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree…

lego helmets

lego cubes

green helmets

lego starwars

lego darth

cufflinks squares

These Fun Classy Deluxe Clone Trooper Helmets Silver-plated Cufflinks will surely get some attention! They’re essential for any star wars lover, and incredibly unique, you’ll never find anything like them! Comes with a silver drawstring gift bag [read more].

classic space lego image

Credits: All images copyright © Cufflinks. Please visit the store for more Lego goodies! LEGO® is a registered trademark.


Outlandish LEGO Office. Sorry, It’s Not Built With Bricks!

Take a good look at this outlandish LEGO Office by Rosan Bosch. This working environment is where LEGO designers can play, discuss and make new creations. Let’s face it, if grown-ups are expected to create toys for kids (well, adults like me, too), the office needs to be cool and inspiring! Check out the rest of the pics, including the floor plan and the giant slide. Above: Walkway slide and closed meeting booths [ SEE MORE ].

Walkway slide

Realistic Lego Creations by Bruce Lowell

Check out these stunning realistic Lego creations by Bruce Lowell. Just like the green paint roller Lego shown above, the rest of this set shows everyday objects and food made from our favourite plastic toy bricks [ SEE MORE ].

Paintbrush lego image

Very Clever M.C Escher Lego

This Clever M.C Escher Lego® construction was made by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu. They have successfully recreated famous lithographs by the renowned Escher. They used Lego® bricks using a “SNOT” (“Studs not on top”) technique, which is having the plastic studs pointing in lots of different directions [ SEE MORE ].

Escher lego

Lego Man Skeleton

I love Lego. Don’t you? This Lego Man Skeleton was created by the talented model designer, Jason Freeny. He was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve featured some of his work here on Design Soak before, but just discovered this new design [ SEE MORE ].

skeleton lego man

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Vinyl Art Sculpting by Scott Marr

As a follow-on to my previous music based post, here’s some incredible vinyl art sculpting by Australian artist, Scott Marr. He takes old vinyl records and carves intricate patterns into them (with great effect). The example below named “Records Bones” is an old Decca vinyl 25cm record. See the rest, too…

vinyl art sculpting iamge

Scott Marr states: What do you do when you have a whole heap of scratched up 78’s? You carve in new information, and hope that the people understand [see more].

vinyl art and ocre

Above: “Records fire”.

red vinyl

Above: “Records revert to time” – Carved record and ochre.

vinyl record art

Above: “Records strings”.

vinyl record which has been carved

Above: “Records time”.

vinyl art sculpting example

Above: “Records dark matter”. All images shown in this set are Copyright © Scott Marr. Please check out his site for more of his incredible works.

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Modern Artist Jean Shin

Modern Artist Jean Shin transforms everyday objects into “visually alluring conceptual explorations”. She has won many awards and has exhibited her art works throughout the United States in various exhibitions [ SEE MORE ].

Modern Art

Modern Art detail

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2 Amazing Videos With 120 Million Page Views

Walk off the Earth band image

Design Soak is hardly the place to watch new music, but I couldn’t resist showing you this amazing video. It’s from a band named Walk off the Earth, who have produced a stunning yet simple video of a track by Gotye, which is entitled “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

Currently, this cover video has achieved 55 Million YouTube views, and the original version, 75 million! What I love about the video is how simple the concept is, yet how complicated it must have been to achieve in the first place. As the video progresses, the more entertaining it becomes. Each member of the team contributes either a vocal or chord towards making the song. I was especially keen to see what part the bloke on the right played, as he spent the first part starring at a wall (apparently, he’s know the ‘Beard Guy’). All entertaining stuff, though…

Somebody That I Used to Know band shot

Watch the Video Below: Somebody That I Used To Know

Here’s the Original Track by Gotye

This track is a cover of the original by Gotye. Here’s a couple of screenshots before the actual video of the track below, and it’s great to compare the two.

Gotye video image

Somebody That I Used To Know official video screenshot

Watch the Video Below: Gotye; Somebody That I Used To Know

If you are reading this post via RSS or email and can’t see the embedded videos, click here.

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The Caffeinated Guide to Coffee Drinks

Check out this “Caffeinated” Guide to Coffee Drinks! It shows all coffee lovers out there how to make their favourite energy-boosting beverage. I really like the contrast between an Espresso and Americano coffee drinks; just add hot water…

How to make coffee chart

Image Source and Copyright ©: Found on

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★ Slow Cow: The Anti-Red Bull Drink?

Out to help those looking for a quick relaxation fix, a new drink from Canada offers ‘an acupuncture session’ in every can. An antidote to energy drinks like Red Bull, Slow Cow was developed to help people de-stress [SEE MORE ].

Anti Energy Drink Image

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10 Terrific Twitter Creations by Pepco

Election Invite

This collection of Twitter-based design was designed and created by New York based Pepco Studio. From original postcards, to T-shirts and a cushion, this set of images shows some serious creative talent. Using a new, refreshed Twitter bird to spearhead a majority of the design work, it’s quite an impressive selection to see. The image shown above is an election invite advertising ‘Twitter for President”. Take a look at the rest…

Twitter Design Postcard Image

Above: Twitter Design Postcard.

twitter creations Tee

Above: Designo French Twitter Tee.

India Blog Art

Above: India Blog Art.

SXSW Flyer

Above: SXSW Flyer.

Twitter Design Pillow image

Above: Twitter Design Pillow.

★ See also: The Psychotic Side of Twitter.

Twitter Employee Handbook

Above: Twitter Employee Handbook.

140th Employee Shirt

Above: 140th Employee Shirt.

From the Pepco studio site:

Pepco studio is the award-winning design and illustration of Philip E Pascuzzo. Accolades have been received from Graphis, Print, CMYK magazine, the New York Society of Illustrators, The New York Book Show, Readerville, American Photo, Association of American University Presses, and Faceoutbooks [read more].

twitter creations

Above: Twitter Sigg Designs.

German Blog Art Large

Above: German Blog Art. Credits: All images in this set are Copyright © Pepco Studio. Head over to their site for more original work. I love postcard printing and related design work─please check out the following posts…

6 Original Twitter Posters

Hot on the heels from the previous post Social Media Campaign Posters, here are a set of twitter posters for you. Yes, they’re unsurprisingly dominated by the colour blue—and very imaginative [ SEE MORE ].

Twitter poster

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Carpark Drenched in Color

Kindergarten Carpark image

Visual designers Craig and Karl have have painted a carpark in dazzling color as part of a creative Mural. It was created for the underground car park of a private residence in the city of Sydney, Australia. My first thoughts on these images was “Wow!, it’s like a Kindergarten Car Park”, but it’s much more than that. Drenched in color, this is simply amazing! They’ve managed to transform something mundane and grey into an attractive place to park.

Here’s some more info on Craig Redman and Karl Maier from their site:

Craig Redman and Karl Maier live on opposite sides of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way. They specialize in illustration and installation. [they] have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre. They have worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue, Microsoft, Converse, MTV and The New York Times [read more].

Drenched in Color

Craig Karl car park image

Credits: All images in this set are Copyright © Craig and Karl. Please check out their fantastic site for more of their work. Also, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

A carpark of colour splashes

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★ Custom Printed Attire by MWM Graphics

Here’s a fantastic selection of custom printed attire by Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics. I adore the use of colour and vitality in Matt’s designs. They sure do stand out! Above: Almond Surfboard [ SEE MORE ].

Almond Surfboard

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GlassBoy, a Clever Car Speed Reduction Ad

Glass boy

GlassBoy is a clever ad aimed at reducing car speed. It was created by Israel-based designer, Roni Kleiner, an experienced TV Commercial Director. He specialises in creating VFX and animation enriched commercials. This video is amazing, and is well worth a watch. It starts off by showing a boy who turns into glass, which acts as a metaphor for the fragile nature of children.

As can be seen in the screenshots I’ve posted, a car hits the glass-boy and he smashes to pieces when the car hits him at 40mph. The ad then shows what happens when the car hits the boy when only traveling at 30mph. Take a look at the short video at the end of this post…

Glass foot

Glassboy walking

Car smashing glass

glass on road

Broken glass leg

Shattered glass

Watch the Video of GlassBoy Below

Copyright © Glassboy from roni kleiner on Vimeo – screenshots taken from Vimeo Video. Director: Roni Kleiner. Check out the Roni Kleiner website, too.

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Glass and Porcelain Drink Cans

Here’s a collection of glass and porcelain drink cans by contemporary artists Lei Xue and Matthew Eskuche. The image above shows flame-worked blown glass cans by Matthew [ SEE MORE ].

Glass Drink Cans

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A Smoke Detector Worthy of Twitter Fans

Chick-a-Dee Smoke Alarm

Dutch designer Louise van der Veld has design a smoke detector that mimics a bird on a branch. The Chick-a-Dee is a combination of life-saving technology and contemporary design. Instead of a standard alarm sound, it also sounds bird-like, too. Available in at least four colours, I’m sure Twitter fans and bird lovers alike will enjoy this unique take on a standard smoke alarm.

You can purchase on of these on the Chick-a-Dee site (this is Not an affiliate link). Found via Sherry Hankins via The Designer Pad.

★★★★★More Twitter on Design Soak ★★★★★

Twitter Clock

Funky Twitter Clock from Geekcook, which currently available via [READ MORE].

Twitter Clock

Web and Social Media Sneakers

Check out these web and social media sneakers I recently discovered (well, “trainers” as known here in England). They’re just concepts, but wouldn’t it be great if these were actually produced? Above: Twitter Sneakers [link] [READ MORE].Twitter Sneakers image

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Threaded Art by Gabriel Dawe

threaded art 1

These stunning threaded art installations were created by the talented Gabriel Dawe. He uses coloured threads to ‘build’ clever artistic sculptures that are inspiring quite unique. They remind me a little of the outdoor sculptures of Melbourne Federation Square. Using threads that span the entire rainbow spectrum, these pieces look different depending on how light shines on them and the angle they are viewed from. Simply amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree. Check out the rest of the set…

Rainbow Threaded Art Gallery

Gabriel Dawe

rainbow threads

orange and purple threads

stairs art

rainbow art

Here an extract from Gabriel’s Bio:

Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. After working as a graphic designer, he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2000 following a desire to explore foreign land. In search for creative freedom he started experimenting and creating artwork, which eventually led him to explore textiles and embroidery—activities traditionally associated with women and which were forbidden for a boy growing up in Mexico. Because of this, his work is subversive of notions of masculinity and machismo that are so ingrained in his culture [ read more ].

rainbow streaks

Credits: All images within this set are Copyright © Gabriel Dawe. Please head over to his website, which showcases more of his incredible installation work.

Gabriel Dawe installation

★ For More Rainbow Goodness here on Design Soak ★

►► Build A Rainbow

Build A Rainbow. A magnificent building with a custom sky-view. Now reaching the rainbow became possible with the new installation named “Your rainbow panorama” of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The new project was opened on the 28th of May 2011 on the top of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Århus, Denmark [ READ MORE ].

build a rainbow image

►► Clever Car Atlas Rainbow

These clever car atlas rainbow photos are by artist David T.Waller. He used 2500 toy cars to create this stunning circular rainbow. They are arranged by colour to form a really clever piece of art. I don’t know where all the cars came from, but someone’s had quite a collection going on [ SEE MORE ].

Car Atlas Rainbow image1

►► Rainbow House

Rainbow House images and interiors. After all, white houses are just so boring. Some home owners and interior designers have taken it upon themselves to brighten up their abodes [ SEE MORE ].

Multicolored Rainbow House image

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