Colourful Illustrations by Andrew Denholm

Check out these colourful illustrations by Scottish illustrator, Andrew Denholm. As you will note, Andrew’s work is jam-packed full of colour and many of his creations feature a good dose of humour. I think they’re great, and I’m sure love love the rest of the images in the selected gallery below…

Colourful Illustrations Gallery…

colourful kids illustration 1

colourful-illustration 1

colourful-illustration 2

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colourful-illustration 3

colourful kids illustration 4

colourful-illustration 5

colourful-illustration 6

About Andrew Denholm [from his site]: “I am a freelance illustrator from Melrose, Scotland. I like to create illustrations with a sense of humor and fun. I tend to use bright, bold colours but also enjoy working with monotone print techniques as well. I have been drawing pictures my whole life and love spending as much time as possible creating new characters and images for others to enjoy [read more here].

colourful-illustration 7

Credits: All images used in this post are copyright © Andrew Denholm. Please head over to his amazing site for more colourful illustrations.

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Big Bad Wolf Woodcut image

30 Beautiful Images of Doors and Locks

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Article written by Tara Hornor.

I love how doors and locks communicate such a powerful message – one of curiosity, control, and even mystery. Context is king, of course, but it’s easy to use doors for just about any kind of stock photo needs, whether an ad design for poster printing or the background for a web page.

This round-up of doors and locks are all free for commercial use. Make sure to take the time to thank the photographers for being so gracious with their work. This collection has a little of everything, from grungy to modern to ethereal. Take your pic(k) and enjoy!

Photo by Fr Antunes

Photo by Lincolnian (Brian)

Photo by Hamed Saber

Photo by Josef.stuefer

Photo by Linh.ngan

Photo by Aunt Owwee

Photo by Helga Weber

Photo by h.koppdelaney

Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Photo by Papalars

Photo by Biscarotte

Photo by Luke Peterson Photography

Photo by Zitona

Photo by Ian Sane

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Photo by K.Hurley

Photo by Kıvanç Niş

Photo by Josemanuelerre

Photo by Ancama_99

Photo by Fusion-of-horizons

Photo by Kıvanç Niş

Photo by Darwin Bell

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Photo by Fusion-of-horizons

Photo by Michel Filion

Photo by Fusion-of-horizons

Photo by Isado

Photo by Joiseyshowaa

Photo by Dorena-wm

Photo by Echiner1

Photo by Zeze57



The Disappointments Diary for 2013!

The Disappointments Diary 2013 front

Yes, Christmas is now over and it’s New Year 2013, so why not get yourself a “Disappointments Diary” for 2013? Okay, let’s not go all pessimistic here, but this little black book has a humorous take on life. Check it out below…

Disappointments Diary for 2013

Disappointments-Diary-2013 3

Above: “People who never call” (mine would be full). Buy this book here.

Disappointments-Diary-2013 4

Above: “A journey of thousand miles these begins with a single step, followed by countless others, gradually merging into a relentless trudge”.

Disappointments Diary 2013 is a week-to-view appointments diary with a series of disappointing twists. Published by Asbury & Asbury, the diary is the result of a collaboration between design company Hat-trick Design and writer Nick Asbury.

Disappointments-Diary-2013 2

Above: “Notable Deaths”.

Credits: You can also purchase one of these here.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy new year for 2013 and thanks for reading Design Soak Magazine…

Affiliate links were used in this post.

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New Year’s Eve Coasters


Once again, it’s New Years Eve. What better way to help you make a resolution for 2012 than write it down on a convenient New Year’s Eve Coaster? These are hand-made and printed on a vintage letterpress by LuckyBeePress, who state: “these fun and thought provoking coasters will make the perfect hostess gift, party accessory, stocking stuffer, or party… [READ MORE HERE].

new years eve coaster for 2012

Sponsored Video: Samsung Presents a Note to Santa!

This post has been kindly sponsored by Samsung Galaxy.

Recently, Samsung launched the ‘Premium Suite Upgrade’ for the very popular Galaxy Note 10.1. It has many new and advanced features, which includes better user learning ability, creativity and productivity. To show all these features [and more], a new video has been released to showcase this new software.

What’s the video all about? Well, basically a little girl delivers her Christmas wish to Santa with her father─aided by the Galaxy Note 10.1. They use the amazing and innovative features of this device and software, which include ‘Quick Command’ and ‘Easy Clip’. While all this is happening, Santa is busy in the North Pole with his Elves. They are in preparation to deliver Christmas presents across the globe, whilst using a Galaxy Note 10.1 to plan their journey!

Watch the Galaxy Note 10.1 Video below:


samsung image

Did you know? … The Premium  Suite Upgrade introduces enhanced multitasking, including  a range of new S Pen-optimised features, enhanced content creation and editing capabilities. It also brings an OS upgrade (Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean) to bring a much faster and enhanced user experience to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 users.

One of the main features introduced is Multi Window, which allows you to view multiple applications simultaneously, and move around and re-size them. Cascade View offers a view of multiple applications and Dual View allows two apps to be viewed side-by-side either vertically or horizontally [find out more here].

image of graphics tablet

Further information: Keep up to date with the latest Samsung news on

Check out the Galaxy Note 10.1 here.

Candy And Chocolate Button Christmas Trees

Button Christmas Tree image

Wow! These Candy And Chocolate Button Christmas Trees are pretty cool─kids would love these (I know mine would!). You can purchased these over here (affiliate link).

More information on this product:

An edible chocolate Christmas tree, decorated with colourful chocolate candy covered beans. The ideal gift for adults, children and for anyone who has everything! Will stay fresh for up to four months if kept in packaging in a cool dry place. All of the sweets shown are edible, but please be aware that the vase, stand and centre piece are inedible [read more about this here].

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