Crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox by Lasonic

Retro Blaster iPod

Remember the days when people actually carried large boomboxes on their shoulders? I bet you though those days were long gone when iPods came along, eh? Well fear not, this weird and somewhat crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox solves the ‘problem’…

Retro Blaster iPod Boombox by Lasonic

The beautiful Lasonic i931 is a portable music system in true retro ghetto blaster style. The i931 features playback of MP3s via an iPod dock, usb port, or SD/MMC card slot. In addition, the i931 has AM/FM radio, remote, mic input, and bass and treble EQ controls. The system is capable of blasting out 15 watts per channel through separate woofers and tweeters [SEE THE FILL SPECS HERE].

Retro Blaster iPod  2

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Wood Wall Art: A Chip off the Old Block

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Check out this amazing wood wall art by Tate Lowe of Orangutate workshop. He works with raw timbers, stock lumber or reclaimed wood. Most of my material is either found natural timber or recycled building supplies. They’re a chip off the old [recycled] block…


This wooden wall sculpture is what it would look like if wood could get left in the elements to rust. The deep and burnt reds mixed with the singed yellows and flecks of dark weathered blacks make this one of my more earthy wall hangings.

This wall art was made by cutting long 1×1 inch pine into hundreds of small and randomly sized blocks and then coloring them using a several step process. The geometric shape of all of those small angular pieces combined in such a random undulating pattern strike a great balance [read more].





Wood Wall Art

WoodBlock Wall Art

Cedits: All images are copyright © of Orangutate. Please visit their online store to purchase these and other fantastic work.

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When 10 People Wrap Faces in Scotch Tape!

scotch ape faces header image

These absolutely stunning photographs were produced by Wes Naman. He originally attained the idea of this concept after watching his assistant, Joy Godfrey, apply a single piece of scotch tape to her face! My favourite photographs are the man with the gun and the wrestler (I think?). Check out 10 of his images here below…

Scotch Tape Faces Gallery…

Scotch Tape Face

Scotch Tape Face stserling

“I thought it would just be a fun side project but as it started to progress people really started to get into character and go over the top,” says Naman, who is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico [read more on Wired].



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All images shown within this set are copyright © Wes Naman. Check out his site for more of his work and contact details. You can see the full set of these Scotch Tape Faces here.



10 Cool Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Check out these 10 cool custom motorcycle helmets from ‘Good Creative Marketing‘. Faceless-helmets have been adorned in various guises, such as a tennis ball, 8-Ball and human heads. My favourite is the watermelon print [SEE THE REST HERE].

Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Poster Design Inspiration by Marius Roosendaal

Red poster

Want some Poster Design Inspiration? Then check out these designs by Marius Roosendaal, a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Be it a fractal design, geometric shape, retro poster or pattern, he has a unique and in-your-face style that grabs attention:

Fractal Poster

Retro Poster

geometric shapes poster design

poster pattern

blue and red poster

geometric white poster

Tunnel Vision Poster

All images above are © copyright Marius Roosendaal. Please check out his site for more designs. You can even buy some of his poster prints, too.

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Amazing Camouflage

Inspiring and amazing camouflaged toad, fish, frog and owl photos for your inspiration…

Amazing Camouflaged Owl image

Image source/copyright here.

Amazing Camouflaged frog image

Image source/copyright here.

Amazing Camouflaged Magekareius Bicoloratus image

Image source/copyright here.

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