6 Geeky Poster Prints By Wallaroo

These geeky poster prints would look good on office walls and anywhere, er, geeky! I especially like the poster with ones and zeros, which means “I love you” (the final image shown)….

2012 Calendar for Computer Geeks – Hexadecimal numbers

Calendar for Computer Geeks image

If you love technology, you can’t pass on this calendar. It was designed using HEX numbers instead of the decimal notation. All computer geeks (especially those who work in/studied this field may remember trying to memorize the different values in your initial computer classes. Much like binary, Hexadecimal was yet another challenge to conquer)

Inspirational Art Print – Whatever you do, Be You

The great blue and green poster design

This print reads ‘ Whatever you do, be you’. It serves as a reminder to always be authentic and staying true to your personality.

Digital Typography Print – I love you more now than Ever

This poster design says I love you with a green background

“I love you more now than ever” is a cute digital print for your special someone. This print has a textured background which is available in other colors as well. This print would make a great anniversary gift as it is a reminder than when you love someone, that love continues to grow throughout the relationship despite disagreements or struggles.

Love Art Print – One Two Three Love

Red and white poster design

This print reads “One, Two, Three, Love”. It makes for a great wall art piece for you bedroom, living room, hallway or nursery room. It is meant to remind you how important it is to love.

Binary Poster Print – I Love You in Red and Black

A poster with lots of ones and zeros

Say it with binary code and say it in poster size. This prints reads: I love you which has been translated to computer code. Ones and zeros all the way.

Credits: All the images used within this set are copyright The Wallaroo. Please head over to their online store for more great poster designs.

Funny Art Print – Save the Earth Gray and Pink

Save the earth poster, which features chocolate

If you are looking for a funny print to decorate your room or to give as a gift, this is a great option. This print reads “Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate”. It is a reminder to care for our planet and with a funny twist to it that should appeal to all chocolate lovers.

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Victorian Graphic Design Posters

I found these Victorian graphic design posters and leaflet collection via Attitude Design. I think it’s great to look back upon design ‘before Photoshop’ and see how different and varied advertising was back then [READ MORE].

Victorian Graphic Designs

Spectacular Paper Stalagmites and Stalactites

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Spectacular Paper Stalagmites and Stalagmites image

Wow! Check out these paper Stalagmites and Stalactites. They were created by Dutch designer Wendy Plomp and other associates. You can read more and see the rest of the images over at Pleatfarm.

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Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks [Video]

I originally watched this video a few months back, however, I just saw that on YouTube that it now has more than 30,000,000 page views. Set in a cartoon style, the quirky music is represented by cartoon characters in a very unique and retro medium. Even though there is nothing outrageous in the video, I can see why it had it has garnered so many page views─and I recommend the animation─it’s quite original. I think that the scene on the bus is quite charming and there is just something strangely eerie about it too! Check it out…

Watch the Video (Screenshots Afterwards)

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

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Peter, Bjorn & John on red yellow background

Peter, Bjorn & John smiling

playing guitar

Peter, Bjorn & John on bus with girl

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Mind Blowing Video by BRDG

This mind blowing video was created by Tokyo-based group, BRDG. It shows faces that seem to appear and disappear in a chaos of static interference. The soundtrack starts off quite erratically, but seems to get better as this short video progresses [SEE THE REST HERE].

7 Free Photo Frames: have fun with Filter Forge

Recently I’ve published an article about Filter Forge photo effects Freepack. Now it’s time to frame your photos. Also for free, of course.

In this bundle you will find several types of frames: Film frame, Grunge frame, Halftone frame, Painting frame, Photo frame, Simple frame and Watercolor frame. But do not think there are ONLY 7 frames in this freepack. I’ve said “several types of frames” because you can adjust any of these 7 as you like – you can choose a color, frame width, sometimes background, roundness of corners, and even the number of wrinkles. In this post I’ll try to show you the great variety of frames that you can get with this freeware bundle.

You can download this freepack on the Filter Forge website: there are versions for Windows and Mac.

To install it, follow the instructions:

1. Run ‘Filter Forge Freepack 2 Setup’ file.

2. Install the plugin following the instructions of the installer.
3. Now you can use the Filter Forge Photo Effects Freepack – open Photoshop and select Filters -> Filter Forge -> Freepack 3 – Frames.

And now… it’s showtime! When playing with this Filter Forge frames freepack I discovered that some of the photo effects from the same-name freepack match with the frames very well. I’ve found the following variants:

Here’s the Coloriser effect plus the Photo frame. They’re born to be together! :)

Also Grunge goes with the Grunge frame very well (suddenly, huh?). On this picture I used a Grunge-bloody frame. You can choose non bloody one if you like.

One more example with the Coloriser effect: it’s a nice match with the Halftone frame!

Here’re the Watercolor frame and the Painting frame – both frames will be really in tune with the Watercolor Painting effect.

As I’ve already said you can change and adjust frames as you like. For example, here I changed the colors of the Photo frame.

Have fun with Filter Forge Freepacks and don’t forget to join our Facebook page: here you can find a lot of useful links, contests, latest news about upgrades and special offers, and also you can post your artworks on our wall.

PS. There is a 60% discount now on all the versions of Filter Forge on the site.

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