iPhone Notebook

iphone notebook image

I love this iPhone Notebook idea, which is a notebook that can contain and hold your smartphone (as long as it’s no bigger than an iPhone I suppose). I think it’ll be especially useful if you want to take a stroll with a notebook and no pockets! See the rest of the images for a better look…

Inventive Pictures of Ants

These stunning pictures of ants were photographed by talented Russian creative, Andrey Pavlov. They show real live ants undertaking a variety of different creative poses for the camera—it must have taken him ages to get the photographs just right. From fighting wasps, walking on a twig-bridge and riding a makeshift buggy, these images are absolutely amazing! Please take a look at the gallery below and share with your friends…

Image named: do not interfere with the driver

Translucent, Trendy and Transparent Chairs

transparent chair image

These stunning chairs were expertly made by the designers at Valentinagw.com. The majority of these ‘ghost chairs’ are translucent, and when someone sits on them, there’s an illusion of a semi transparent chair. The example shown below has a bronze colour, and is different from the rest, but they are all made from 4mm polyester sheets and each one is a one-off.

Flower-Tastic Wearable Plants

wearable plants image

Yes, you can be even more eco-friendly whilst riding your bike or going to meetings with these wonderful little wearable plants by Wearable Planter Shop. I must admit, I love the the bike ones, but I’m not sure the plants will outlast the winter in my shed. Check out the rest…

Cutting-Edge Audi OLED Car

I don’t feature cars that much here on Design Soak, but this car is well worth a mention. It’s not just because this Audi is a nice car, but because its lights are actually part of the bodywork. They are made of OLED technology, which means that any cool-looking light configuration is possible, and covers the entire length of the vehicle. Watch the video straight after to screenshots below to see what I mean…

Audi OLED Technology car lights

Tennis Ball Art by Ana Soler

This unique tennis ball art was produced by Spanish photographer, Ana Soler. These photos show tennis balls bouncing around stairways, walls and rooms, with different stages in motion represented by one ball. The balls are suspended from the ceiling with thin wire or string. Take a look at the gallery below…

Tennis Ball Art image