Dalton Ghetti Pencil Sculptures

These stunning Pencil Sculptures are by artist Dalton Ghetti. As I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re simply amazing. As can be seen in the image below, Dalton sculpts the pencil graphite to create miniature sculptures on heads of pencils. My personal favourite is the one above, where a heart has been carved from the pencil wood itself. He sure must have a steady hand to complete such works. Here are some more examples…

Dalton Ghetti pencil 2

Wow! Flower Art Prints Now Available on Canvas and Framed Artwork!

Here’s a fantastic selection of flower art prints that are available to buy worldwide. You can get any of the great painting designs below as canvas prints, but also as framed artwork, too! Check out some selected images below, but many more are available via each button link as well.

Flowers on Canvas

flowers canvas image

The image above shows a canvas print entitled ‘Flowers’, and is available as a framed piece of artwork, too.

Top 10 Gym Tank Tops with Sayings – Unisex Designs Now Available to Buy!

Check out these 10 selected gym tank tops with sayings. All of these designs are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and are available for both men and women, too! See the gym-wear below…

Cardio Sucks Gym Quote Gym Wear

Cardio Sucks Gym Quote Gym Wear image

The image shown above is of a ‘Cardio Sucks’ Gym Quote Gym Tanktop, which like all the designs shown here, are unisex – available for both men and woman.

Purchase Information Button Link Image

10 Stunning Marble iPhone Cases for the iPhone, iPod and Samsung Phones – Marble Effect Skins

Check out this selection of Marble iPhone Cases that are now available to buy. You can get any of these for the latest iPhone (including the larger ‘Plus’ models), iPod and Galaxy Phones,,,

Colorful Marble iPhone Case

colored marble iphone case image

Wow! I love this Colorful Marble iPhone Case. Looks really authentic and genuine, too!

Purchase Information Button LInk Image

Social Media Recipe Skewer for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Social Media Recipe Skewer for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube image

I just found this fascinating piece of advertising today by BrandStamp. They go on to explain: “Brand Stamp Advertising Agency & Social Media Management we know how to cook social media”. Well, they sure do know how to catch peoples’ attention – I’ll give them that. Great work.

15 Satirical Illustrations by Polish Artist, Pkuczy

Trouble illustration

These incredible illustrations were created by Polish Artist, Pkuczy, who was born in 1976 in Szczecin, Poland. He graduated Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics, and is currently working on satirical illustrations.

My personal favourite is the snowman “trouble” illustration above. Here are the rest of these amazing works of art…

Seriously Cool Character Ice-Creams

Darth Vader Icecream

These Character Ice-creams of Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse and Mario are shaped like their heads. They were created by Stoyn, a Russian advertising agency. I think they’re stunning; my favourite is the BlueBerry & Licorise flavor Darth Vader Ice-cream shown above. Hope you enjoy the rest…

10 Colorful Illustrations by Ric Stultz

working the angles

These amazing colorful illustrations are by artist Ric Stultz. They are painted with gouache, gesso & ink on paper. Ric has a great and distinctive painting style, which I think you’ll agree is totally unique. Although he’s produced and exhibited many more

10 Creative Fall Canvas Prints

Well, the Fall Season is upon us once again (autumn here in the UK!). Here are 10 Fall Canvas Prints to inspire you before winter draws near. All of these prints are also available in art prints, stationary cards, framed prints, iPhone cases and more*…

Season of Fall in Love Canvas Print

Fall in Love canvas print image