Geometry Art by Daniele De Nigris

Take a look at this geometry art by DNDesign’s Daniele De Nigris. Daniele lives in Bologna, Italy, and is a graphic designer who works in digital art, illustration and print. Here is a selection of mechanical patterns and ‘Impossible objects’:

Geometry image 2

Bee Humble – Stay Bumble Tee

Bee Humble - Stay Bumble Tee

Lately, I’ve been busy on other projects, and I’ve designing many different T-shirts and other products through various outlets.

Here is my most popular design which I now have available for sale for a limited time on TeeChip. It reads “Bee Humble – Stay Bumble”, which is a great play on words! This humble-themed t-shirt is only available for a matter of days, so be quick (and the price is reasonable, too!)

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