Outlandish LEGO Office. Sorry, It’s Not Built With Bricks!

Walkway slide

Take a good look at this outlandish LEGO Office by Rosan Bosch. This working environment is where LEGO designers can play, discuss and make new creations. Let’s face it, if grown-ups are expected to create toys for kids (well, adults like me, too), the office needs to be cool and inspiring! Check out the rest of the pics, including the floor plan and the giant slide. Above: Walkway slide and closed meeting booths.

LEGO Office Gallery

Lego Office

Above: LEGO Office show off podium for brick models.

Lego Office green walls

Above: Office photo in Anderssuneberg.

Lego Office meeting table and model tower image

Above: LEGO Office meeting table and model tower.

Lego Office walkway to sofa image

Above: Office walkway to a giant sofa.

Lego Office Schematics image

Above: LEGO Office Floor Plan Schematics.

Lego Office yellow table bar photo image

Above: Yellow table bar photo.

Credits: All images shown in the set are Copyright © Rosan Bosch & . Check out the Rosan Bosch site for more inspiring work. Photography by Anders Sune Berg. Found via Arch Daily. LEGO® is a trademark of LEGO Corp.

Giant lego man graphic and grass image

Above: Giant LEGO man graphic with grass.


Realistic Lego Creations by Bruce Lowell

Check out these stunning realistic Lego creations by Bruce Lowell. Just like the green paint roller Lego shown above, the rest of this set shows everyday objects and food made from our favourite plastic toy bricks [ SEE MORE ].

Paintbrush lego image

Very Clever M.C Escher Lego

This Clever M.C Escher Lego® construction was made by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu. They have successfully recreated famous lithographs by the renowned Escher. They used Lego® bricks using a “SNOT” (“Studs not on top”) technique, which is having the plastic studs pointing in lots of different directions [ SEE MORE ].

Escher lego

Lego Man Skeleton

I love Lego. Don’t you? This Lego Man Skeleton was created by the talented model designer, Jason Freeny. He was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve featured some of his work here on Design Soak before, but just discovered this new design [ SEE MORE ].

skeleton lego man