Ornamental Darth Vader Head

Ornamental Darth Vader Head

This stunning ornamental Darth Vader head was created from junk metal by French sculptor, Bellino Alain. As can be seen in this set of images, he used old spoons and other scrap items to create a really funky Darth head. I can’t see my Gran liking one on her fireplace, though…

Ornamental Darth Vader eyes

Ornamental Darth Vader face

Darth Vader frame

Golden Darth Vader

Credits: All images shown in this set are copyright © Bellino Alain. Please check out more of his work on his site.

Darth Vader cast metal head

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Darth Vader Icecream

Darth Vader Walks his AT-AT

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Darth Vader and ATAT