Ocean Artist Shayna Leib

This glass design gallery showcases some amazing glass art by Ocean Artist and sculptor Shayna Leib. Shayna first saw glass-blowing techniques when she was just seven years old, and hasn’t looked back since…

ocean artist glasswork

She began to study glass as an undergraduate at California Polytechnic State University, California. She received a BA in philosophy and minors in glass and literature and was accepted to pursue a PhD in philosophy. Shayna then subsequently completed an MFA degree in May of 2003.

More work from Ocean Artist Shayna Leib

Green glass ocean art

Brown glass art

Above: Diablo

“A hot wind which occurs in Northern California in the East Bay hills (Diablo range). It is northern California’s version of the Santa Ana winds of southern California. In extreme cases, the Diablo wind can exceed 60 mph and in the dry climate of California, can contribute to the vile conditions of fire season. The term “diablo” was first used by the local news media in the aftermath of the Oakland Hills Firestorm of 1991″ [read more]

Ocean art

Glass panel art

White glass panels

Green glass artwork

Credits: All images shown here are copyright © Shayna Leib. Please head over to her site and check out more of her mesmerizing and great work.

Glass artistic panel designs

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