New Design Soak Web Theme! (Also, Urgent Action Required!)

Hello—it’s Andrew here, the author of Design Soak Magazine. Things have been somewhat quiet around here lately, but I’m currently working on a ‘soft-relaunch’.

If you subscribe to this site via Google Feedburner by email, you will shortly receive an email asking you to re-opt in to receive emails with news and new posts. If you don’t re-opt in, then you will stop receiving emails from Design Soak. Nooooo!

Re-Opt in via Aweber Email

I’d like you to stick around as there’s plenty more inspiration to come, so please respond to an upcoming email coming your way from Aweber—my new email service provider.

As part of the re-launch, I’ve also redesigned the site. Yay!

Old Design Soak Web Theme

Old Design Soak Magazine theme

I felt the old theme was just getting outdated, and didn’t work too well on mobile devices.

New Design Soak Web Theme

new Design Soak Magazine theme

The new theme, however, works well on all screen sized as it has a responsive design. Cool!

So, please re-opt in via your Aweber email from Design Soak. If you don’t get one, or you have never previously subscribed, you can always subscribe via the sign-up form on the site.