Moustache Parade

I had to laugh when I saw these quirky items over for on the Sonstnochwas Store

Rubber Stamps: Moustache Parade

Rubber Stamps image

Description: Let out your inner Nerd with our lovely set of 3 rubber stamps. Included are 3 little Mustaches in a pretty little cardboard box (see photo). Perfect for Scrapbooking, creating your own Cards or Stationary and “decorating” family portraits. With the right kind of ink pad you can even print on fabric or ribbons, if you like. All Stamps are lasered from rubber, so that even thin lines will come out beautifully – they are then hand-cut and mounted on little wooden blocks [read more].

Moustache Notepad

Moustache Notepad

Description: The World needs more Moustaches. Period. At least that’s what we think. And our little notepad with 50 pages sure fulfills that brief: Printed on 80gr/qm white Paper, the Pad measures appr. 3.85×3.85 inches (98×98 mm) and has the perfect size for your pocket or bag. The pad is glued on top and has a sturdy piece of cardboard on the back for stability [read more].

Credits: Both images shown above are Copyright © Sonstnochwas. Please head over to their store for more quirky items for sale (these are Not affiliate links).

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