Modern Artist Jean Shin

Modern Art

Modern Artist Jean Shin transforms everyday objects into “visually alluring conceptual explorations”. She has won many awards and has exhibited her art works throughout the United States in various exhibitions:

Modern Art detail

2 images above: Sound Wave

Modern Art 2

The following is an extract of Jean’s biography:

Jean Shin is nationally recognized for her monumental installations that transform everyday objects into elegant expressions of identity and community. For each project, she amasses vast collections of a particular object—prescription pill bottles, sports trophies, sweaters—which are often sourced through donations from individuals in a participating community. These intimate objects then become the materials for her conceptually rich sculptures, videos and site-specific installations. Distinguished by her meticulous, labor-intensive process, and her engagement of community, Shin’s arresting installations reflect individuals’ personal lives as well as collective issues that we face as a society […more]

Modern Art detail 2

2 images above: Textile Modern Art

Modern Art 3

Modern Art detail 3

2 images above: Armed Roebling Hall

Modern Art 4

Modern Art detail 4

2 images above: Carte Blanch

Modern Art 5

Modern Art detail 5

2 images above: Chance City (see more art based on Playing Cards)

Modern Art 6

Modern Art Detail 6

2 images above: Glass Block Tacoma Modern Art (See more Glass Bottle Art)

Modern Art 7

Modern Art Detail 7

2 images above: ‘Unraveling’

All images used in this post are copyright © Jean Shin. Please visit her site, for more fantastic work and information.

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