Miniature Worlds by Frank Kunert

miniature worlds

These captivating miniature worlds were sculpted and photographed by creative, Frank Kunert. The most fascinating thing about these works isn’t the fact that they’re small─it’s what  the models are of. Showing scenarios that don’t appear in real life, curiosities and paradoxes have been created. My favourite image is the curved basketball court, but I really like the ‘road to nowhere’, too.

Miniature Worlds Gallery

Door on railway

Above: Door leading onto rail track

Warped Tennis Court

Above: Warped Tennis Court

Underwater News Agent

Above: Underwater News Agent

Doors and balcony building

Above: Doors and balcony building

Toilets on display

Above: Toilets on display

Road to nowhere

Above: Frank Kunert making a road to nowhere

Road to nowhere 2

Credits: All images shown above are Copyright © Frank Kunert. Please check out the rest of his work.

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