Miniature Food

Miniature Food Lemons

Check out these miniature food photos. Well, they’re not actually food, but very small scale models. As can be seen, they’re quite realistic, and you can see the detail that has gone into each one. They were made by Kim Burke, who states “Scouring cookbooks for miniature food inspiration is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m still a polymer clay newbie but completely addicted.” My favourite one is is the jar of cookies at the end of this post. I also love the ham too. They’re all great, and there’s a couple of “how-to” videos after the photos, too.

Miniature Food Gallery

Miniature Food Ham

mini cheese platter

small bannanas

Miniature Chicken

Miniature lemon pie

Tiny Noodles

Credits: All images shown here are copyright © Fairchildart. Please check out here Flickr profile for more of her photography. Via Waveavenue.

Very Small cookies in Jar

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