Masayoshi Matsumoto Makes Unbelievable Balloon Animals

balloon catipplar image

Wow! I’m sure that most of us haven’t seen any type of balloon models like this before. Japanese balloon artist and sculptor Masayoshi Matsumoto has created some masterpieces with model balloons. Up until now, the most intricate Balloon Animal that I had seen was a dodgy-looking giraffe! As can be seen in the balloon galley below, Matsumoto has expertly crafted a multi-colored iguana, an orange T-Rex Dinosaur, a Hermit Crab and even an intricate Millipede (or caterpillar?). You can see more of his work over on his site, but here’s a selection of his work below…

Gallery //+ Balloon Animals by Masayoshi Matsumoto

Model balloon iguana in blue and yellow

Green balloon catipillar image


t-rex balloon figure made with orange long balloons with black nails

Balloon bird in nest shows gray bird made of art balloons with eggs

Play Balloon Bull image

orange and white fish made from long balloons

balloon crab image

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Wasp Balloon image

butterfly balloons image

Further Information // “Masayoshi Matsumoto Makes Unbelievable Balloon Animals” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Masayoshi Matsumoto. You can see more of their work over at Isopresso. Via Colossal.

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