Magnificent Magnetic Putty by Joey Shanks

In this stunning video, talented videographer, Joey Shanks, demonstrates the unique properties of Magnetic Putty. This compound can be squeezed and pulled, but will animate itself when it’s placed near a magnetic field.


Watch the Magnetic Putty Video Below:

Magnetic Putty Magic (Extended Cut) | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios from Joey Shanks on Vimeo.

In this episode of SHANKS FX we have some fun with the wonderful weirdness of “Magnetic Putty”. We used this Putty to create a lot of the Black Hole sequences in our film SCI-FLY. We now take a 2nd run at experimenting with this “strange matter” to see what new images & sequences can be achieved!!!

In their film SCI-FLY, PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX used these animated films (which are sped-up and not in real time)…

Here are some more Magnetic Putty shots of the movie…

Magnetic Putty mirrors image

magnetic happy face

Magnetic Putty bullets

Putty crusts

Magnetic Putty photo

red Magnetic Putty

Putty cube

pink  landscape

Putty sphere

Magnetic Putty cryptomite image

Putty mirror ball

Here are some more videos by Joey Shanks…

CLOUD TANK raw footage | SHANKS FX | PBS Digital Studios from Joey Shanks on Vimeo. Episode extra is a montage of raw footage we found on the editing room floor. Enjoy!

Creating Light Streaks using your HDSLR | Part 1 | SHANKS FX from Joey Shanks on Vimeo.

Watch full version here. Fiber Optic cables have the ability to transfer large amounts of data at a fast rate. Their tiny size gives these fibers a great number of possibilities when incorporated into a video clip or animation. Watch as I use “Photography” & “Stop-Motion Animation” techniques in order to create Light Streaks / Trails.

Creating WARP SPEED with STEEL WOOL | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios from Joey Shanks on Vimeo. In our first video, I try to create the hypnotizing visual effect of warp speed by setting steel wool on fire. These effects were used in our newest film SCI-FLY, which was an official selection to 2013 SXSW & 2013 Slamdance film festivals.

SCI-FLY “Magic Rocks” tests from Joey Shanks on Vimeo.

SCI-FLY “Smoke & Fire” tests from Joey Shanks on Vimeo.  *Screenshots are copyright © Joey Shanks from his video.

One Last Time…

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