How to Camp on the Roof of Your Car?

Yes, for a mere $5550 USD you can get your very own ‘Maggiolina Rooftop Tent’! Well, you could also buy a car for that kind of money, but hay…

Maggiolina Rooftop Tent image

The Maggiolina design has been long been acclaimed world-wide as the benchmark in mobile overland camping shelters and is now available in a super light, super strong carbon fiber model that appeals to quality and weight conscious adventure travelers. The new roof top tent camper features carbon fiber upper and lower shells for maximum strength and light weight. Its smooth aerodynamic shape assure minimum wind resistance when traveling [read more].

tent on car

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car with tent on car in desert

This article “How to Camp on the Roof of Your Car?” is Not an affiliate post, but this product can be ordered here.

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