The Lego Birds of Great Britain

I’ve just published the post SuperHeroes Made of Lego this week, but I just noticed this excellent Lego set─and decided to feature it! These wonderful Lego birds of Great Britain was created by English creative, Detomaso. I live in Northern England, and have seen many birds in my own back garden, which has a few trees in it. Like in the examples below, I’ve seen a Great-Spotted Woodpecker (the last image), Blue Tits and Robins. Enjoy the plastic recreations of these cute little chirpers below…

Lego Bobby Robin

Lego Bobby Robin image

Robins are my favourite bird and a very good friend of mine. I am a gardener and tree surgeon so I’m lucky to have frequent visits from these friendly little fellas, especially when I’m digging. I love their song and the way they land on my garden tools [more].

Puffin on Cliff

Puffin on Cliff

Meet Penelope The Puffin. The first in a series of British Birds I have created. I love Birds and the Puffin is one of my favourites, they have so much character and are incredibly cute [more].

Kingsley Kingfisher Lego

Kingsley Kingfisher Lego image

Meet Kingsley the Kingfisher. The third installment of my British Birds series. Kingfishers are probably my favourite looking bird. I could watch these beautiful creatures all day [more].

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Gloria Goldfinch

Gloria Goldfinch

Meet Gloria the Goldfinch. The fifth in my British Bird Series. This is one of my least favourite of the series but I still like her. European Gldfinches are a little more understated than their striking American relatives, with just a flash of yellow on their wings and a lovely red face [more].

Billy Blue Tit Lego

Billy Blue Tit image

Meet Billy Blue Tit. The second in my British Bird series. Blue Tits are a very common bird in Britain and are adorable little characters [more].

Lego Woody Woodpecker

Lego Woody Woodpecker image

Meet Woody the Greater Spotted Woodpecker, The sixth in my British Bird Series. I sometimes hear woodpeckers knocking away at trees from my apartment. They are pretty easy to spot with their red flashes and I think they are wonderful birds [more].

Credits: All images shown in this set are Copyright © Detomaso.. Please head over to his Flickr Page for loads more of these Lego sets to view. Found via Thisiscolossal.

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