Kinetic Type Numbers of Tape Type. Totally True!

Black circles on yellow

There’s not much to write about this project, but one thing is for sure. These type poster work is bold, great to look at and has a stunning retro feel. It’s creators, DSORDER & Xevi Polo say it’s “Tape Type” demonstrating number typography and kinetic numbers with Illustration & Design.

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And yes, did you like my title “Kinetic Type Numbers of Tape Type. Totally True!” It’s quite a tongue-twister. If you check out the original posting of this work, you’ll see this type in an animated state, too…

Kinetic Type Numbers Poster Work

Tape Type numbers

kinetic type numbers on yellow background

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Further Information // “Kinetic Type Numbers of Tape Type” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons ] © Copyright DSORDER and Xevi Polo. Please visit their portfolios for more fantastic work.

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