Karoline Tynes Designs 60 Original Logos in 60 Days

Here is a selection of original logo designs by Norwegian graphic designer, Karoline Tynes, who states: ‘Here’s some of the logos I made during my 60 days of logos-challenge. My goal for this challenge was to develop and promote myself as a designer. The rules were to use a maximum of 60 minutes on each logo, so it’s the idea that counts.’ As a logo designer myself, I can appreciate how much work goes into a logo design. If you take into account the actual formation of the idea, to colour choices, graphic style and typographic choice, I think Tynes has produced some excellent work in little 60-minute slots! I love the ‘Little Knits’ logo — what’s your favourite?

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Gallery // Extracts from 60 Original Logos in 60 Days Challenge:

Bunny typography

Burger House in pink

Resolved in white text

X logo

Camp Camping logo desig with image

Mr barber logo

Minimum logo type

Little knots logo emblem

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Servin Roen Logo

northern pine logo

touch logo type

shell logo type design

Tynes is a graphic designer and economics student from Norway, who graduated from the Norwegian School of Creative Studies, NKF, in 2013.

love letters logo design

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