Janice Wright Cheney’s Animal Sculptures

Animal Sculptures - Close Up of Walking Bear's Head

This sculpture was made by Canadian artist, Janice Wright Cheney. It is titled WIDOW. She made two of these bears. One of them is in the largest of contemporary Canadian art show ever produced outside of Canada: MASS MoCA’s Oh, Canada. The bears were created using taxidermy forms. They are covered with velvet and roses which were hand-felted and dyed. WIDOW is one of several animal sculptures Wright Cheney has created during her career.

Janice Wright Cheney’s work often incorporates textiles and biology. The media is feminine but the subject matter is not. She chooses animals most people do not like. Animals like coyotes, rats, snakes, insects, and squid. Wright Cheney questions common perceptions about these creatures. She is interested in how people respond to animals in “our” environment. Textiles help her challenge these responses.

Enjoy these pictures and then head over to www.janicewrightcheney.com to see more of her work.

Animal Sculptures - Side View of Bear Walking

Animal Sculptures - Close Up of Standing Bear's Head

Animal Sculptures - Front, Side & Detail of Standing Bear

WIDOW, 2012; wool, cochineal dye, velvet, taxidermy form, pins and wood

Here are pictures of some of her other animal sculptures:

Animal Sculptures - Life Size Metal Cockroaches and a Pail


Animal Sculptures - 3 Norway Rats in a Cage

CELLAR, 2009; recycled fur, felted wool, horsehair, found materials

Animal Scuptures - Coy Wolf Close Up

COY WOLVES, 2010; textile over taxidermy forms, found fur and accessories

Images where taken by Jeff Crawford and all are copyright © Janice Wright Cheney.