iPhone Diorama

iPhone Diorama is a stunningly-creative short video by Mike Ko, a student from California, Los Angeles. When I say short, I mean short, so be sure to watch the video after the screenshots. What’s it about? Well, in a nut-shell, pink and green houses pop up out of an iPhone and cars ride down the road. It sounds simple, but it took Mike three months to complete. It’s intricate, well-executed and visually quite amazing. It has a great soundtrack, too…

iphone diorama screenshot

cars on iPhone screen

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Old retro Apple logo

Pink and green buildings in iPhone animation

Watch the ‘iPhone Diorama’ Video Below…

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iphone- Diorama © from Mike Ko on Vimeo / One of my graduation pieces. Took around three months to complete start to finish / Rendered in Vray / Done with Maya, After Effects, Pftrack / The footages were shot with Cannon T2i / Soundtrack by Chairlift – Bruises. Found via Fubiz.


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iPhone Notebook

I love this iPhone Notebook idea, which is a notebook that can contain and hold your smartphone (as long as it’s no bigger than an iPhone I suppose). I think it’ll be especially useful if you want to take a stroll with a notebook and no pockets! See the rest of the images for a better [SEE MORE].

iPhone in pages